Wednesday, October 18, 2006

This is a short notice!!

Recently I have been busy and havn't written this blog so often! Furthermore I won't be able to post at least about this coming three weeks.

Because I am going to Orlando and Mexico about two weeks. So exciting;)
I have to prepare !!! I am sure I wil take a bunch of photos, actually I purchased additional SD card. I will post some of photos on this blog!!!


Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Have you ever heard the word "KidZania"? It is a themepark which is originally from Mexico and has just started in Tokyo. According to the media, it looks so fun, I want to go there, but to my pity, I can't go there. Could be in the future. Why???

That's because KidZania is just for kids under 12. There kids can have many kinds of Job experience. For example, fire fighters, flight attendants, doctors, bankers, pizza shop clarks, and so on ... more than 70kinds.

KidZania is a very town for kids , whose size is 2/3, and there are a hospital, a TV station ,a hair salon ,a bank ,a theater, a airport and much more. It is a just miniture of the real, because many company have invested a lot as a sponsor.

Kids can get instrucutions and put on the uniforms before they work, and have a part of job, after they finishes their job, they can get salary by their current money called "Kizos" that they can used only inside KidZania! And then they can use their money to get food, and shopping ...

Sounds fun , isn't it??? Not only fun, kids can understand economy.
Nowdays birthrate is very low, a number of kids is much less than before, but instead of that many family spend much money per a kid. Yes , I think it will be successful here in Japan. I read some blogs that wrriten by mothers about their kids' Kidzania experience, most of them seemed satisfied.
Oh, I want to go. It is not allow to enter only adults there, and even inside park adults can jutt watch kids.

Should I borrow my nephew to go???

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Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Sometimes I get email from the readers of this blog. Many of them are
interested in Japan or Japanese culture, I am happy if writing this blog is
helpful for someone.

The other day I got an email which is written a question about good sweets
stores in Japan. So I decided to write about sweets store.

My reccomendation for sweets stores :
All of them are NOT Japanese sweets shop. Maybe I can say some of they are French style, although I think you can find they have Japanese taste, I mean, for example they use Macya(Green tea) for the cake.

Note; some of them are difficult to bring your home country as a souvenior!!!!!

【自由が丘ロール屋/Jiyugaoka Rollya】
As for Rolled cake, this shop is best! Just always so crowded
ADD:1-23-2 Jiyugaoka Meguro Tokyo

Expensive, but worth it. When I ate one piece of cake costs 1575yen! , it made me so smile.
Add Hotel New Otani 4-1 Kioicho Chiyoda kuTokyo

【モンサンクレール/Mont St.Clair】
Patissier Mr Tsujiguchi is very popular!
Add 2-22-4Jiyugaoka Meguro Tokyo
Tel 03-3718-5200

cheese cake shop, especailly rare cheese cake is so popular, and just 210
yen, reasonable price. They say 500 cheese cakes are sold everyday!
Add: 4-1-4 Akasaka Minatoku Tokyo
Tel: 03(3586)9039

Wow, they have a shop in Paris,too!
They are now preparing online shop to all over the world!
Add 3-4-1Marunouchi Chiyodaku Tokyo

Baked cake is so tasty! It has many branch shop in department store!
Add 1-14-9 Tomigaya Shibuyaku Tokyo
Tel 03-5790-2181

【イデミ・スギノ/Idemi Sadao】
Patissier Hidemi Sugino is very famous, who has broadcasted on popular TV program. You have to line for a long time.
Add 3-6-17 Kyobashi Chuouku Tokyo
Tel 03-3538-6780

I just listed a few stores I know.
Sometimes you feel hard to find the shops like above if you don't live in Japan.
Then I reccomend to go to department store as Takashimaya, Mitsukoshi, Isetan and Odakyu, and you will find many sweet sores in basement floor usually!