Friday, June 27, 2008


Yesterday I watched the movie"Screamers" at the Refugee Film Festival.I won't write political stuff on this blog, bacause I think I can't exprees my real feeling and detailed thought by my English. Just two things I want write are ...that I felt I need to know about the words more, and that I liked the music of "System of a Down " -that I listened for first time.


Ayer vi una película "Screamers" en la fiesta de peliculas de refugiado.No voy a escribir impresión mía, porque no quiero escribir unas cosas politicas y mi español es suficiente. Pero quiero escribir dos cosas. Yo creo que necesito más sobre mundo, y me gustó la musica de "System of a down"

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Recently one american guy is rather popular in Japan. I watched him on many TV shows. His name is JERO, born and grow up in Pittsburgh, USA. As his late grandma was Japanese, he started listening "Enka" when he was little. (*Enka is one type of Japanese Music, which is popular among old people. )

After his graduation of the University. He decided to come to Japan to be Enka singer. Wow I know some Enka songs, but never had interest on it . Actually many yong people prefer Pops , Hip Hop , Rock and so on. This year his dream came true, he has become "the first black enka singer"! His first single "Umiyuki" was accepted by not only old people but also young people. He sings with hip hop street fasion.

I lisetned his song, seemed by Japanese. His Japnese is so good , too. I could see he respects the songs and culture of Enka so much. Yesterday his first mini album was launched out. I bet he' s gonna remarkabe more and more.


Últimamente un estadounidense es bastante conocido en Japón. Se llama JERO. Él es primer Enka cantante negro. Como su abuela fue japonesa, de niño, comenzó escuchar Enka(una tipo de musica japonesa). Después sus graduación de universidad, él vino a Japón para ser un cantante de Enka . En febrero de este año hizo debut con la canción "Umiyuki." se vende mucho. Como canta y habla como japonés, creo que el estará más popular que ahora.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

PEPSI Blue Hawaii

Yesterday I found "Pepsi Blue Hawaii" in convenience store.(Last year they made Pepsi cucumber taste!!!! )Can you imagine the tasete??? Of course I bought one at once.The color is pure blue , as you see. Looks chemical!!!! It is said that the taste is pineapple and lemon.I tried, mmmmmmm,yes , it taste pinepple and lemon. But I didn't like very much, sorry. I think it is no more PEPSI already...I have read many people's blog writing about it. To my surprise, many people wrote that taste is OK. Do you wanna try? I don't know it is sold only in Japan or not, but anyway here sold during limited period. Hurry up!

Ayer encontré "Pepsi Blue Hawaii" en tienda. El color es azul. ¿Puedes imaginar el sabor? Quiero probarlo. Por supuesto, compré enseguida. Se escribe "sabor de piña más límon". Probaré y no estuvo buena para mì. Pero según los diario, a la gente le gustó. Entonces se venden durante periodo límitad en Japón.  

Monday, June 23, 2008


Do you know "Goya"?It's a kind of the vegitable, and is eaten very much in Okinawa where is an island in the south of Japan. When I was a child, I had never eaten. But this 5-6years, the dishes of Okinawa became very popular in Honshu(the main island on Japan. ) There are so many Okinawa dish restaurant in Tokyo now.
Recently I got some seeds of Goya , and now I grow them in the balcony.One of them has just sprouted out. I hope it will grow well.


¿Conoces "Goya"? No es sobre un pintor. Es una tipo de verdura se comen mucho en Okinawa donde es isla de Japón.Otro día me dio unas semillas de "Goya". Ahora estoy criandolas en balcon de mi casa. Ha echadad un brote. Me alregre verlo. Espero que crezcan buen.

Greeting from Japan/ Saludo desde Japón

Wow!It has past a quite long time since I posted last time.
Well, I am fine. Nothing has changed , I mean , I "STILL" live in Tokyo.

Thank you very much people who sent me messeages and left comments. Sorry if I made you worry about me. I am fine. Just fine. Just these few months I have made my time for struggling spanish. So I might have give up to think in English.(Studying two languzges made me confused a lot! ) As for my spanish level, it's like a baby, just started. But since now I wanna write some note in spnish too. I don't think I can post so often as before, but I will try!

¡HOLA! Soy Kazumi.
Gracias por vistar mi diario. Hasta ahora yo voy a escribir en español también. Aunque mi español es no suficiente, pero tengo ganas!