Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Memories in Mexico ~ the problem is......

As you can see, I went to many places and ate many kinds of Mexican food. The people are so nice and very kind to me. I had a great time there. Let me say this trip is perfect! But I can't say that , although it is so pity. After thinking for a while, I decided to write one thing which made me so disappointed, because you may be ready when you go to Mexico as a tourist.

When my mexican friend and her parents took me to the mexico city by car. As my friends father asked a policeman to show the right way to the mall, it happend. When he spoke to us, eeryone looked upset. (of course I couldn't understand at all)
They are trying to say something to the policeman, and my friend made phone calls to relatives.. It was so nervous moment. Guess what was mattered with us??

I don't know exactly. In Mexico city, the authority limited driving car by the last number of their car number plate for the air pollution. For example, if you have a car with a number plate xxxx1, so you can't drive on Monday until 10pm. To our unluckey , the day we enter Mexico city was the very day we were not allowed to drive inside Mexico city. Actually we didn't know that, I mean my friends knows the rule, but didn't know details. Before and after we entered to the city, we never saw
any sign about this rule.

Well, the policeman found my friends car number, he asked us the money in bribes. Of course we broke the rule,but.... In whole my life, it was the first time such a thing happen to me. I have read the books and articles about mexico. So I knew about this. My friends were so angry and upset. Me, too. I felt so sorry to them , because I went to Mexico, they took me to the travel. I asked them they can call the authority about this. But they said it would be a waste of time. It happen everywhere. It was so pity. The problem is ... how will they improve?? How do you think?

Memories in Mexico ~Food photos

Green Chorizo

Pine with chile

Nopal(Cactus) candy


Icecream shop on the street

Blue tortilla!

Don't remember name...let me know if you know!

Chilaquiles? maybe...

Don't remember name...let me know if you know!

Memories in Mexico ~Boda! Boda! Boda!

The word "Boda" means wedding party in Mexico. Actually I went to Mexico for my friend'S BODA. "Wow, It is very first time for me to attend non-Japanese wedding"

MUY INTERESANTE!!!!(very interesting!)

It started from chatedral. So serious.Even I couldn't understand spanish the prist and couple saying. It was touching. The weather was perfect.

At night , the boda started. It continued until 2 am. Wow it won't happen in Japan. I could find many difference between Japanese style and Mexican. Great experience.

Dance! Dance! Dance! Music Music Music.
This is the Mexican wedding.(Actually we usually don't dance in Japanese wedding. When I told mexican people about it, everyone asked me "why not???" I don't know why.....)

These are dishes at Boda. MUY RICO(very delicious).....It was so luckey they were not so spicy Because I don't care for spicy food.

*Chile Hojaldrado(A chile inside the pie.)
*Medallones de pollo rellenos de camaron en salsa de salmon (Chiken with salmon sause)
*Delicia de fresa(strawberry desert)
*Pay de Guayaba(guava desert)

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Memories in Mexico ~Day of the dead in Michoacan

These are the photos of graves at night in Island of Janitzio.

Day of the Dead in Janitzio

These are the photos in Morelia. The color they use for the decoration is so great. There are big difference of the concept for dead people between Mexican and Japanese.We have similar event called "obon" The Mexican way to welcome the dead people is to have more fun. Yes , if the dead people saw those decopration, they must be enjoyble. I can see.

Memories in Mexico ~Day of the dead

I am home!
As you know ,I went to Orlando and Mexico. YES I had really good time there.I want to show you some photos of my journey.

Luckey me! I was in Mexico on DIA DE LOS MUERTOS (Day of the dead). Everywhere in Mexico , I could see many calavera(skulls) and Catrina.

I could manage to go Janitzio aisland ,(Isla de Janitzio) midnight. It is one of the very famous place of Day of the dead in Mexico. It was so great experience to see many decolation for the graves. Only one pity thing is that we saw many many drunken people there. I saw one guy was almost falling down from steps since he wasn't able to walk by himself. Many of them must have came for the beer....