Thursday, September 28, 2006


Do you know ASIMO?
My co-worker has brought to some cookies of ASIMO. He is a humanoid robot which is able to go upstairs. As for myself, I had seen his walking once before in some kind of show. Do you know he is Japanese ???? He is produced by Japanese automobile manufacture HONDA, and still been getting improvement.

He is named ASIMO with meaning of "Advanced Step in Innovative MObility". We have another meaning in Japanese.
in Japanese
Asi means "legs"
mo means "too,also"

According to the official web site, he is tuning &years old on this coming Oct31. In Suzuka he gonna have a birthday Party!! When I was a kid, on 21th century I would imagine Robots could do anything as human, for example doing homework insted of me, hehehe. Now still we have many things which only human can do.

ASIMO official web site in English

ASIMO official web site in Japanese

Friday, September 15, 2006


When I was a kid, I used to drink tap water without any care. Nowdays I rarely drink tap water, if possibele it is because I grow up in a countryside, and now living in Tokyo. I don't remember since when I started to buy bottle water insted of drinking tap water. The other day on TV I got information of the one bottle water which is the very tap water of Tokyo. It sounds fanny???

Accoding to that program 20-30years ago in Tokyo, the tap water is said "Not tasty!!", although it is clean enough. So the authority have been stressed on the taste as well as quality. The bottle water which I mentiond above are sold well as a souvenior. I have never tried that, since they are sold in limit places. If I found it , I want try it. Yes but it must be the same taste with tap water......

The other day I found "FUJI Mineral water" in a starbucks. It says they are sold since 1929, contains a lot of minerals. The package is so cute!!!

Just water, but water......