Wednesday, December 17, 2008

NO Tourist in Tsukiji Fish Market.

Accroding to the News, Tsukiji Fish Market is now closed for tourists.

It's so pity news.

Normally they open for everybody, becuase it is one way to show Japanese food culture, but recently the Market is much popular among the tourists from overseas.
Maybe too much.

Because some of them behave very badly there. I just watched one TV program about this issue. Some guys came there after drinking all the night, they touched and kissed Tuna for the picture. Other guys didn't listen any notice, they took the vehicle for the fish. Some peeple tried to enter the restrected area.... Seems terrible, although I guess the most of people has no problem.

Anyway from now on for new years season it gonna be most busy season threre. Nowdays too many tourists is one of the obstacle in the market. So Tokyo Metropolitan Government decided to prohibit tourists from entering to the one part of the Market from 12/15/2008-1/17/2009. After 1/18/2009, they havn't decided yet.

Well, before in this blog I wrote about Tsukiji Market sometimes, and this problem was that I worried. I love Sushi so much, and I just feel sorry for the people who would like to visit it at this period.

The Mainichi News

Friday, December 05, 2008

高尾山 ( Mt.Takao / Monte Takao )

Last Sunday I climbed up Mt.Takao, Recently it's so popular.From the center of Tokyo, it took just about 60 minutes.
I don't have so much time today, I just show some photos.


El domingo pasado subí al Monte Takao. Ultimamente está muy poplar. Desde el centro de Tokio se tarda solo más o menos 60 minutos.
No tengo mucho tiempo hoy , por eso solo subo las fotos de allí.

mountain trail

Leaves change the color to red.

Mt.Fuji from top of Mt. Takao. So beautiful , isn't it?

Soba noodle is very famous there. I ate this on the top.

The 599 meter mark on the top

official web site of Mt.Takao in English

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Myth of Tomorrow

There was an artist whose name was "Taro Okamoto (岡本太郎・おかもとたろう)". I don't know how much he is well known in other countries. But in Japan he is one of famous artists. Above all “Tower of the sun” that was the symbol of Expo 70 of Osaka is very famous. Not only his works , but also his unique character was loved by Japanese people. He was sayiong so often "Art is Explosion." Although he already died in 1996.

The other day I went to Shibuya that is one big city in Tokyo, I was so surprised, because one of his works was on the wall of Shibuya station. I didn't know about it, but I recognized at once it is his work, because his works are so characteristic.

After I got home, I checked about it. According to the internet, the picture was originally painted for the one Mexican hotel owner, but after that his business went bad, so that it was missing until found in Mexico City in 2003. After then it has been repaired by one project group, after all 18th of November 2008 it is put on view eternally at Shibuya station. Because Shibuya is close to Aoyama area where Taro spent at elementary school time.

This is very big(height: 5meters length: 30meters), so I couldn’t take a nice photo. But it is really powerful with a lot of colors , named “ashita no shinwa(明日の神話)” means “The Myth of Tomorrow”. It is worth to watch.

Official web page of "Ashita no shinwa " rebirth project in Japanese

Friday, November 21, 2008

金閣寺 (Kinkaku-ji in Kyoto)

About one month ago I went to Kyoto. so beautiful city , still we can feel very old age of Japan, and there are so many old temples and shrines.I heard from the taxi driver in Kyoto there are more than 300 temples!!!!But as s tourist of course you have to choose ones.

Sometimes I am asked about sightseeing of Japan. From my friends from overseas , or sometimes readers of this blog.

So today I gonna show you one very famous temple that I went one month ago. I think if you go to Kyoto , you shouldn't miss this temple. Its real name is "北山鹿苑寺(Hokuszan Rokuonji)" in Japanese. But is well known as "金閣寺(Kinkaku-ji)" in Japanese. Because as you can see the picture , it is GOLDEN("Kin" in Japanese) . So in English it is called "Golden Pavilion" or "Golden temple".

Hace más o menos un mes fui a Kioto , una ciudad muy bonita. Todavía nos sentimos una epoca muy antigua, y hay muchos templos y suntoísta . Me ha decho el taxista en Kioto que hay más 300 templos!!!!

A veces me ha preguntado sobre hacer turismo en Japón . Desde mis amigos extranjeros, y también la gente que ha leido este blog.

Hoy voy a presentar una templo super famoso que fui hace un mes. Creo que si vas a ir a Kioto no deberías pasarlo. Su nombre realidad es "北山鹿苑寺(Hokuszan Rokuonji)" en japonés , pero se llama "金閣寺(Kinkaku-ji)" . Porque el color es oro ("kin" en japonés).

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Another PEPSI / Otro PEPSI

I found another PEPSI. Well, this time "PEPSI WHITE".
ha ha ha
It's says "PEPSI& YOGURT FLAVOR" I really can't imagine the taste.
Looking Back I see that previous one was PEPSI BLUE HAWAII on July this year ,and PEPSI ICE CUCUMBER in last year.Always so characteristic....

To be honest, I didn't like the taste, it liked yogurt with soda. Do you wanna try??? I always am not care for those flavore special (I like normal one ),but I can' help trying new taste!!


Entontré otro PEPSI. Aver, “PEPSI WHITE (PEPSI BLANCO)” ja ja ja
Se escribe “PEPSI & YOGURT FLAVOR (Sabor de Pepsi y Yogurto )” No puedo imaginarlo. Pensando el pasado , antes se venden “PEPSI BLUE HAWAII” y ”PEPSI ICE CUCUMBER.” Siempre muy characticos.

Francamente hablando , no me gustó la sabor . Como ácido carbónico con yogurto. ¿Quieres probarlo? Siemple no me gustó, pero siempre compré!!!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Korean taste /El sabor de Corea

The other day I went to the Korean town in Shinokubo. In Tokyo many Korean people is living , I think. Shinokubo is a city that have very different atomosphere. There are a lot of the signs which are written in Korean letters. I can hear the people are spoken in Korean. Besides I feel smell of the city is not same as other city in Japan.

I went to one Korean restaurant where all waiter and waitress are Korean , although they speak Japanese very well. Normally I can't eat spicy food , so I don't eat so much Korean food, but Korean BBQ is another story , I love so much. Well, I have been to there several times , but they are always with my Japanese friends. But this time I went one Korean friend. It's much better, she know the food, how to cook ,and she could order that is not in the menu.
They were so delicious. I was really satisfied. =)
At the end , we got the discount of our check. ha ha he

I have been to Korea three times , it's so close from here. I feel like going there again!!!

El otro día fui al barrio coreano en Shinokubo. Creo que la gente coreano viven mucho en Tokio. Shinokubo tiene ambiente muy special. Hay muchas señales se escribe en Hangul . Puedo eschar la gente hablan en coreano. Además huelen diferente.

Fui al restaurante coreano donde todo los comareros son coreanos, aunque ellos pueden hablar japones muy bien. Normalmente no puedo comer la comida picante, por eso no como la comida coreano, pero me encanta carne asada coreana. A ver, he ido allí varias veces, pero siempre con mis amigos japoneses. Pero esta vez fui con una amiga coreana. Más mejor, ella sabe la comida, por eso la pidió especial . Muy delicioso. Estaba muy contenta. Finalmente el camarero hacía algún descuentos. ja ja ja
He estaco en Corea tres veces . muy cerca de aquí . Me gustaría ir ya!!!!

Samgyupsal BBQ
They cut pork with scissors!!

sea food Jijimi
I love it . We have similer food called Okonomiyaki in Japan , but taste is differ.

We ate this in the street!! taste at first sweer and then spicy!!!

Friday, October 10, 2008


The other day I had a cup of "Macha Moca (Mocha green tea ,抹茶モカ)" at Yojiya in Tokyo Haneda Airport. Yojiya is well known as a cosmetic shop in Kyoto, especially one of their products "Abratorigami (Oil- Blotting Facial Paper)" is very popular among women. I guess all young women know about it!!

Although I didn't know that they have some coffee shops in Kyoto and Tokyo. But when I saw their symbol at airport, I recognized at once, because it is also well known.

As you can see in these photos, the face of the top of the drink is the symbol of the Yojiya.
Anyway, the face is pretty , isn't it??? If you have a chance to visit Kyoto or Tokyo(only Haneda airport), I think it's nice to visit, especially for women!


Otro día tomé una taza de "Macha Moca (té verde Moca 抹茶モカ)" en Yojiya en aeropuerto de Tokio Haneda , Yojiya es muy conocido por una tienda de cosmética en Kioto, especialmente el producto "Abratorigami (no sé como se dice en eapañol , pero en ingles se llama Oil- Blotting Facial Paper)" es muy popular entre las chicas.
Creo que toda chicas lo conocen.

Entonces la cara de bebida es muy bonita. Si tenéis una oportunidad de visitar Kioto o Tokio (solo en el aeropuerto de Haneda ) , creo que es bueno visitar.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Festivals in Tokyo/ unas fiestas en Tokio

As I wrote many times in this blog, we can taste many kinds of food in Tokyo. Yes, we are luckey! Not only in restaurantes, but also in festivals!
Last weekend two festivals were hold.
One in Vietnam festival in Yoyogi park , Tokyo, and the other one is Mexican festivai in Odaiba , Tokyo.

I went Vietnam festival on Saturday , and Mexican festival on Sunday. Both were interesting , they sold thier typical foods, and showed some cultural aspect like dancing , singing and so on.

I just show you some photos.


Como escribí unas veces en esta página, podemos encontlar diferentes sabores en Tokio. Sí, ¡tenemos suerte! Hay muchas fiestas aquí.
El fin de semana pasado hubo dos fiestas en Tokio. Una fue la fiesta vietnamita en el parque Yoyogi , y la otra fue la fiesta mexicana en Odaiba.

Fui a la fiesta vietnamita el sábado, y a la fiesta mexicana el domingo. Me interesaron ambas. Se vende la comida tipica, y puede divertirme el baile o la musica. Aquí unas fotos!!

【Vietnam Festival/La fiesta vietnamita】
Only I had a few time, quickely I bought some food and ate. But it was so nice. Recently I am a bit crazy of eating vietnamies food!!! I really like it! There many women put on their nacional costume called "ao dai (áo dài)". They were so beautiful. One of my friends is going to Vietnam for her vacation. Lucky her!!

Sólo tuve un poco de tiempo , compré y comí la comida de prisa , pero estaba muy delicioso . Últimamente estoy loca por la comida vietnamita. Me encanta.
Vi unas mujeres vestidas con la ropa nacional que se llama "ao dai (áo dài)". Ellas son muy bonitas. Una amiga mía va a viajar a Vietnam de vacaciónes. ¡Qué envidia!

Spring Roll!/Rollito de primavera!

So many people!/Mucha gente!

【Mexican Festival/La fiesta mexicana】

I can't eat spicy food, so it made me a bit difficult when I went to Mexico, but the Mexican people were always nice to me. That's one of the fascinating point of them. Listing music like Mariachi reminds me of my mexican friends!
Well, unfortunately the day I went , it was heavy raining, but still I could enjoyed a lot!

No puedo comer algo picante. Cuando estaba en México de vacaciones, fue un poco duro para mi.
Pero los mexicanos eran muy amarbles, creo que esto es una fascinante de esta páis. Escuchando la musica en la fiesta ,recordé a mis amigos mexicanos. Lo pasé muy bien , aunque llovía mucho.

Tacos, please , but without spicy sause!!! PLEASE!
Un tacos , por favor ,pero sin salsa, POR favor.

I can't wait!!!/No puedo esperarlo.


Friday, August 08, 2008

Tokyo Metropolitan Government / Gobierno Metropolitano de Tokio

The other days some friends of my mexican friends came to Japan.It was first time to see them , but I showed some torist place in Tokyo.I live in Tokyo, but in normal life I don't go so often torist place.Well, some of place was the very first for me, too. It has been so hot, it was har to walk around during day, but it was so fan anyway!!!!

I took this picture from the building of Tokyo Metropolitan Government in Shinjuku, Tokyo. It's open for everybody, We can go inside the builging as a visitor, and also to the observation deck which is the forty fifth froor (hight 202 meters ). As you can see this picuture(although it's not so good),greart view from there. Besides it7s free , open until 23:00pm(Door open until 30 minutes before.) I think good place to view Tokyo.

Hace unos días los amigos de mi amiga mexicana vinieron a Japón. Primera vez verse para mí , pero yo fui a alugun lugares para turismo. Vivo en Tokio , pero normalmente no los fuia menudo. A ver , alugun lugares son primera vez para mi , tambíen. Hace mucho calor, y es duro caminando durante los días , pero lo pasé muy bien.

Saqué esta foto desde el edificio de Gobierno Metropolitano de Tokio en Shinuku, Tokio. Está abiertto al público y se puede subir al 45 piso(202 de alto) donde es el mirador. Puedes ver la foto (aunque no es buena ), la vista desde alli es magnífico. Además, es gratis. Abierto hasta 2300 Te ricomiendo ir. Es buen lugar.

Monday, July 07, 2008


The papers are hangged by people with written thier wish.
Los paperes colgado con escrito sus deseo.

Today is Tanabata festival, although it is raining and cloudy! Two years ago I posted about Tanabata as follows. (Just copy and paste!!!) Well, today I should write in Spanish, too.

Once upon a time a beautiful woman lived in the bank of the Milky Way which shined in a night sky, her name was Orihime , and a daughter of an Lord of the Heaven. She followed orders of her father ,and worked very hard as a weaver every day.

As for the cloth which Orihime weaved, it was wonderful, and the Lord of Heaven admired her working.But to his pity, the daughter worked too hard to spend time for herself- like putting on her make up, and dating with a boy friend.

So he decided to let her marry Hikoboshi who was also hard worker ,lived in the west of the Milky Way ,and a cattleman . Then Orihime and Hikoboshi began new life in this way.

However, after their marriage , they were enjoying everyday, actually it was too much, they didn't work any more. At first the Lord of Heaven let them do, but finally he got angry, and said to them to live separately - made Orihime live in the one side of Milkyway ,and Hikoboshi live in another side. And the lord of Heaven said to them "If you work very hard, I will let you meet at the night of 7th July "

Orihime was so sad, but decided to work very hard, Hikoboshi as well.

However, when it rains on July 7 when two people longed for it, the volume of water of the Milky Way increases, and Orihime cannot go to the opposite bank.

Quiero escribir sobre Tanabata en español, tambien, pero demasiado difícil para mí. He usado pagina de free traducción en mayor parte.

Érase una vez una hermosa mujer vivió en el banco de la Vía Láctea que brilló en un cielo de la noche, su nombre fue Orihime, y una hija de un Señor del Cielo. Ella siguió las órdenes de su padre, y trabajó muy con ahínco como un tejedor cada día.

La tela que Orihime tejió fue maravilloso, y el Señor del Cielo admiró su trabajar.pero la hija trabajada demasiado dura y pasó tiempo bastante- como no tuve un novio.

Así que él decidió permitir que ella casarse Hikoboshi que fue trabajador también duro, vivido en el oeste de la Vía Láctea, y de un ganadero. Entonces Orihime y Hikoboshi empezaron nueva vida de esta manera.

Sin embargo, después de su casamiento, ellos disfrutaban en todo los diás, realmente fue demasiado, ellos no trabajaron más. Al principio el Señor del Cielo permitió que ellos hacer, pero por último él se enojó, y les dijó a ellos vivir separadamente - Orihime hecho vive en el un lado de Milkyway, y Hikoboshi vive en otro lado. Y el señor del Cielo dijo a ellos "Si usted trabajan muy duro, permitiré que usted encontrarán en la noche de séptimo de Julio"

Orihime estuvo tan triste, pero decidió trabajar muy duro, Hikoboshi también.

Sin embargo, cuando llueve el 7 de julio cuando dos personas lo desearon, el volumen de agua de los aumentos de Vía Láctea, y de Orihime no puede ir al banco del contrario.

Friday, June 27, 2008


Yesterday I watched the movie"Screamers" at the Refugee Film Festival.I won't write political stuff on this blog, bacause I think I can't exprees my real feeling and detailed thought by my English. Just two things I want write are ...that I felt I need to know about the words more, and that I liked the music of "System of a Down " -that I listened for first time.


Ayer vi una película "Screamers" en la fiesta de peliculas de refugiado.No voy a escribir impresión mía, porque no quiero escribir unas cosas politicas y mi español es suficiente. Pero quiero escribir dos cosas. Yo creo que necesito más sobre mundo, y me gustó la musica de "System of a down"

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Recently one american guy is rather popular in Japan. I watched him on many TV shows. His name is JERO, born and grow up in Pittsburgh, USA. As his late grandma was Japanese, he started listening "Enka" when he was little. (*Enka is one type of Japanese Music, which is popular among old people. )

After his graduation of the University. He decided to come to Japan to be Enka singer. Wow I know some Enka songs, but never had interest on it . Actually many yong people prefer Pops , Hip Hop , Rock and so on. This year his dream came true, he has become "the first black enka singer"! His first single "Umiyuki" was accepted by not only old people but also young people. He sings with hip hop street fasion.

I lisetned his song, seemed by Japanese. His Japnese is so good , too. I could see he respects the songs and culture of Enka so much. Yesterday his first mini album was launched out. I bet he' s gonna remarkabe more and more.


Últimamente un estadounidense es bastante conocido en Japón. Se llama JERO. Él es primer Enka cantante negro. Como su abuela fue japonesa, de niño, comenzó escuchar Enka(una tipo de musica japonesa). Después sus graduación de universidad, él vino a Japón para ser un cantante de Enka . En febrero de este año hizo debut con la canción "Umiyuki." se vende mucho. Como canta y habla como japonés, creo que el estará más popular que ahora.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

PEPSI Blue Hawaii

Yesterday I found "Pepsi Blue Hawaii" in convenience store.(Last year they made Pepsi cucumber taste!!!! )Can you imagine the tasete??? Of course I bought one at once.The color is pure blue , as you see. Looks chemical!!!! It is said that the taste is pineapple and lemon.I tried, mmmmmmm,yes , it taste pinepple and lemon. But I didn't like very much, sorry. I think it is no more PEPSI already...I have read many people's blog writing about it. To my surprise, many people wrote that taste is OK. Do you wanna try? I don't know it is sold only in Japan or not, but anyway here sold during limited period. Hurry up!

Ayer encontré "Pepsi Blue Hawaii" en tienda. El color es azul. ¿Puedes imaginar el sabor? Quiero probarlo. Por supuesto, compré enseguida. Se escribe "sabor de piña más límon". Probaré y no estuvo buena para mì. Pero según los diario, a la gente le gustó. Entonces se venden durante periodo límitad en Japón.  

Monday, June 23, 2008


Do you know "Goya"?It's a kind of the vegitable, and is eaten very much in Okinawa where is an island in the south of Japan. When I was a child, I had never eaten. But this 5-6years, the dishes of Okinawa became very popular in Honshu(the main island on Japan. ) There are so many Okinawa dish restaurant in Tokyo now.
Recently I got some seeds of Goya , and now I grow them in the balcony.One of them has just sprouted out. I hope it will grow well.


¿Conoces "Goya"? No es sobre un pintor. Es una tipo de verdura se comen mucho en Okinawa donde es isla de Japón.Otro día me dio unas semillas de "Goya". Ahora estoy criandolas en balcon de mi casa. Ha echadad un brote. Me alregre verlo. Espero que crezcan buen.

Greeting from Japan/ Saludo desde Japón

Wow!It has past a quite long time since I posted last time.
Well, I am fine. Nothing has changed , I mean , I "STILL" live in Tokyo.

Thank you very much people who sent me messeages and left comments. Sorry if I made you worry about me. I am fine. Just fine. Just these few months I have made my time for struggling spanish. So I might have give up to think in English.(Studying two languzges made me confused a lot! ) As for my spanish level, it's like a baby, just started. But since now I wanna write some note in spnish too. I don't think I can post so often as before, but I will try!

¡HOLA! Soy Kazumi.
Gracias por vistar mi diario. Hasta ahora yo voy a escribir en español también. Aunque mi español es no suficiente, pero tengo ganas!