Friday, January 30, 2009

It's already the end of January!!

Happy new year, hahahha ,although it's already the end January. But on this blog this is the very first post in 2009 !!! You may think I have already left this blog , but I wanna keep bloging in the future actually, just recently a bit busy than before.

Thank you very much for visiting this blog, morever some of you sent me new year's greeting. I am appreciate it. Well, I am so happy to know the people throuth this blog , and contact with them. We woudn't imagine before, would we??

Feliz año nuevo , jajajaja , aunque ya estamos en el fin del Enero. Pero este es primera vez escribir en este blog en 2009. Pensáis que he dejado ya, pero quiero seguir escribirlo.Solamente ahora un poco ocupada que antes.

Muchas gracias por visitarlo. Además unos me han mandado los salidos del año nuevo. Estoy muy contenta de conocer la gente por este blog.

This is the picture that the one of the famous monkeys are called "Snow monkey ". It is taken by my friend. I havn't seen it still, but I feel very happy that just looking at this picture. Well, I hope everyone has happy 2009 year just like this monkey !

Esta foto es del mono muy popular que se llama "Snow Monkey". Me parece el es muy feliz, ¿no? Espero que todos van a tener un año muy feliz como este mono.

Thank you . Muchas gracias.