Friday, October 24, 2008

Korean taste /El sabor de Corea

The other day I went to the Korean town in Shinokubo. In Tokyo many Korean people is living , I think. Shinokubo is a city that have very different atomosphere. There are a lot of the signs which are written in Korean letters. I can hear the people are spoken in Korean. Besides I feel smell of the city is not same as other city in Japan.

I went to one Korean restaurant where all waiter and waitress are Korean , although they speak Japanese very well. Normally I can't eat spicy food , so I don't eat so much Korean food, but Korean BBQ is another story , I love so much. Well, I have been to there several times , but they are always with my Japanese friends. But this time I went one Korean friend. It's much better, she know the food, how to cook ,and she could order that is not in the menu.
They were so delicious. I was really satisfied. =)
At the end , we got the discount of our check. ha ha he

I have been to Korea three times , it's so close from here. I feel like going there again!!!

El otro día fui al barrio coreano en Shinokubo. Creo que la gente coreano viven mucho en Tokio. Shinokubo tiene ambiente muy special. Hay muchas señales se escribe en Hangul . Puedo eschar la gente hablan en coreano. Además huelen diferente.

Fui al restaurante coreano donde todo los comareros son coreanos, aunque ellos pueden hablar japones muy bien. Normalmente no puedo comer la comida picante, por eso no como la comida coreano, pero me encanta carne asada coreana. A ver, he ido allí varias veces, pero siempre con mis amigos japoneses. Pero esta vez fui con una amiga coreana. Más mejor, ella sabe la comida, por eso la pidió especial . Muy delicioso. Estaba muy contenta. Finalmente el camarero hacía algún descuentos. ja ja ja
He estaco en Corea tres veces . muy cerca de aquí . Me gustaría ir ya!!!!

Samgyupsal BBQ
They cut pork with scissors!!

sea food Jijimi
I love it . We have similer food called Okonomiyaki in Japan , but taste is differ.

We ate this in the street!! taste at first sweer and then spicy!!!

Friday, October 10, 2008


The other day I had a cup of "Macha Moca (Mocha green tea ,抹茶モカ)" at Yojiya in Tokyo Haneda Airport. Yojiya is well known as a cosmetic shop in Kyoto, especially one of their products "Abratorigami (Oil- Blotting Facial Paper)" is very popular among women. I guess all young women know about it!!

Although I didn't know that they have some coffee shops in Kyoto and Tokyo. But when I saw their symbol at airport, I recognized at once, because it is also well known.

As you can see in these photos, the face of the top of the drink is the symbol of the Yojiya.
Anyway, the face is pretty , isn't it??? If you have a chance to visit Kyoto or Tokyo(only Haneda airport), I think it's nice to visit, especially for women!


Otro día tomé una taza de "Macha Moca (té verde Moca 抹茶モカ)" en Yojiya en aeropuerto de Tokio Haneda , Yojiya es muy conocido por una tienda de cosmética en Kioto, especialmente el producto "Abratorigami (no sé como se dice en eapañol , pero en ingles se llama Oil- Blotting Facial Paper)" es muy popular entre las chicas.
Creo que toda chicas lo conocen.

Entonces la cara de bebida es muy bonita. Si tenéis una oportunidad de visitar Kioto o Tokio (solo en el aeropuerto de Haneda ) , creo que es bueno visitar.