Friday, July 27, 2007

Curry in Japan

If somebody ask you, "Do you know what is the most popular dishes in
Japan???" If you are not living in Japan, you may answer " SUSHI and TEMPURA"
Of course , we love Sushi and Tempura.In foreign countries they are known as typical Japanese food.

But I can say CURRY RICE and RAMEN are the most popular dishes for Japanese.
They are usually more casual , cheeper.

In paticular we are fond of CURRY RICE in the summer season, and Ramen in winter.So now a kind of the Curry season! To be honest , I don't care for spicy food so much, but I love Curry so much.

Curry- the cooking that stewed vegitables and meats with curry powder consisting of plural spices. Originally from India , but it is seen in all over the world now.

Speaking of Curry in Japan, it comes Curry stew and white boided rice with some pickles.

Just like this! ummmmm yummy