Wednesday, December 17, 2008

NO Tourist in Tsukiji Fish Market.

Accroding to the News, Tsukiji Fish Market is now closed for tourists.

It's so pity news.

Normally they open for everybody, becuase it is one way to show Japanese food culture, but recently the Market is much popular among the tourists from overseas.
Maybe too much.

Because some of them behave very badly there. I just watched one TV program about this issue. Some guys came there after drinking all the night, they touched and kissed Tuna for the picture. Other guys didn't listen any notice, they took the vehicle for the fish. Some peeple tried to enter the restrected area.... Seems terrible, although I guess the most of people has no problem.

Anyway from now on for new years season it gonna be most busy season threre. Nowdays too many tourists is one of the obstacle in the market. So Tokyo Metropolitan Government decided to prohibit tourists from entering to the one part of the Market from 12/15/2008-1/17/2009. After 1/18/2009, they havn't decided yet.

Well, before in this blog I wrote about Tsukiji Market sometimes, and this problem was that I worried. I love Sushi so much, and I just feel sorry for the people who would like to visit it at this period.

The Mainichi News

Friday, December 05, 2008

高尾山 ( Mt.Takao / Monte Takao )

Last Sunday I climbed up Mt.Takao, Recently it's so popular.From the center of Tokyo, it took just about 60 minutes.
I don't have so much time today, I just show some photos.


El domingo pasado subí al Monte Takao. Ultimamente está muy poplar. Desde el centro de Tokio se tarda solo más o menos 60 minutos.
No tengo mucho tiempo hoy , por eso solo subo las fotos de allí.

mountain trail

Leaves change the color to red.

Mt.Fuji from top of Mt. Takao. So beautiful , isn't it?

Soba noodle is very famous there. I ate this on the top.

The 599 meter mark on the top

official web site of Mt.Takao in English