Friday, June 22, 2007

Can't wait tomorrow night !!!

Maroon5 is in Japan now ! They are my favorite, Actually I like them the best of the non-japanese singers. Tomorrow , I am going to their Live!!!Wow! Compare with their popularity , the capacity of the live place was so small that amde me difficult to get the ticket. But I am very luckey to be one of the audience. I like Adam's voice, feel very coolthie songs...etc.

About 3years ago I went to their live once in the U.S. So great. I can't find the exact words to express my feeling by my English vocaburary. It was so happy night!

I wish the member of maroon5 would read this blog, so they can know how much Japanese people are exciting. hehehe Anyway can't wait!

more lines

As I wrote the other day, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts is very popular here. Still need to wait to get ones. Since one of my friend never tried yet, she really want some, I went there again. Sunday morning 9:30. I thought that I had to wait still now, but as it past already 6month since the shop opened, hopefully maybe 20-30minutes?

I was so surprised the situation, I could see much longer line than before.

Two hours for Doughnuts !!! For me inpossible. Gaveup at onece.
Maybe because they had special limited star-shaped ones!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Kanmi-ya~Japanese sweet parlor

I love to going to a Kanmi-ya which is difined "Japanese sweet parlor."

The other day I went to one with cozy atomosphere. The name of the parlor is "Irori" which means fire place in old Japanese houses. Recently there are only houses having Irori. Let me show you some photos.

Wow , there were many samples of the sweets, which made me difficult to decide.

This is the Irori, but normally it would be on the ground.

I had "Mitsumame" which is similar to Anmitsu , but without red bean paste called Annko.
Some fruits , some agars, cream some beans with syrup... Ummmm yummy. Decent time , isn't it????

Monday, June 18, 2007

Register just started.-Tokyo marathon 2008

I wrote quite a lot about Tokyo marathon 2007 in this blog. You can find how much I was moved and excitment.

Yesterday the register for 2008 has just started. Of course I already did.
I am sure it is going to be over capacity like 2007. On that day many TV program about the marathon was broadcasted. Since then I heard many people stareted running. Even magaxined for young women have featured severak times. At the Tokyo marathon 2007 only one -third people could run. I really hope I can join this event as well as last time.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

"Turbaned Noguchi"

The Japanese 1000-yen bill has a depiction of Hideyo Noguchi on it.
Here it is.

He was a doctor and bacteriologist who discovered the agent of syphilis disease.When I was a kid, I would read his biography.

Recently folding bills is popular among some young people.
This is one kind.
"Turbaned Noguchi"

It is said , if you keep it in your wallet, you can save up your money. I don't know truth.... It may be a of urban legend...

Monday, June 11, 2007

Tabi making

I wrote about my kimono life on the previous post. Many items are nesessary to put on Kimono, for example Tabi.

You can consider Tabi is socks for Kimono. Usually the color of Tabi is white,the casual Kimono fans wear Tabi with paterns. The day before yesterday I joined the class of Tabi making. I show you some photos about it.

Compleated!!!!( Although they are irregular shapes , but should be O.K.)
It took about 8-9hours....

Kimono life beginner

As you know, Kimono is Japanese traditional cloth.About 150 years ago, everybody in Japan was waring this kind. To our pity, nowdays many people can't weatr Kimono by theirselves. People take it for ganted that wearing western style cloths is normal, and Kimono is just for special occasion.

Before I posted about my friend's wedding, which I put on kimono, at that time I had to ask to wear kimono by professonal Kimono dresser. When I was working at Japanese restaurant, I had to put on Kimono costume-but it was by summary method. Thus I couldn't able to wear kimono by myself.

I wanted to learn how to wear Kimono, because I like the Japanese design fablic, I have some kimono from my mom and granma. So I have taken Kimono wearing lessons from last February. It was a bit hard to memorize all orders, but I have done almost the basic lessons . Yes now I can wear it by myself. Not to forget how to do, now I want to put it on at least once a month.

My Kimono life has just started... I will write some post about it since now on...