Monday, October 31, 2005

What's Podcasting?

Do you know the word "Podcasting"?
Using an ipod, we can downroad not only music but also netradio. And as far as netradio concerned, we can use almost free. It sounds so useful to staudy English. Usually we start to learn English when we enter junior higi school. So many people including me have learn since then, so long time. But most people is poor at listening and speaking English. Because , we don' have so much time to use it. But if I do podcasting , it going to be easier to make situations to improve it.Now I don't have ipod , I want it.

Getting colder.

Recently it is getting colder. especially on morning and at night.
It is easy for me to catch a cold when I feel a big difference that it is warm and cold a day. I have to be careful. And when it is cold, always gonna be harder to get up early. I feel winter is coming soon. I have to ready for it.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Takeshi Kitano

Last night I watched TV program that focused on Takishi Kitano.
He is well known as a movie director in other countries. But for me, he is an ultimate comedian. When I was a kid, I was looking forward to watching his program. He was so talented and smart that I couldn't stop laughing. I know now he is very very popular as a movie director. And I love his movie. Sometimes I can have sympathy. But he still has some TV program here. He likes to disguise himself funny. I feel some gap or difference between comedian and director. They have interview of him next week. I want to watch it.  

Saturday, October 29, 2005

24-twenty four-

Now I am watching "24-twenty four -season3 ". Before some of my friends recommended to watch this drama series. When I started watching season1, I couldn't stop watchind. Since I rented videos. As soon as I watched all of videos I rented, I went to video shops again to watch again. During I was watching, even I couldn't sleep well. I really wanted to keep watching until the end. The actors are very good. Everyone plays excellent. I am gonna have some days that I can't sleep well.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Blog Blog Blog

These years a number of people have started writing own blog. So do I.
I read one article in newspaper that says many people who have a blog addicted to post new sentenses or comment. When he or she gets a comment from unknown person, he or she reacts so quickly. I can understand his or her feeling. I have anoter blog besides this one. It is written in Japanese, so it is much easier for me to express my thought, idea, and feeling. As many of my friends know that blog, I can get more comments than this one. This one is written in English. It is much harder for me to keep writing. So that's why I am really happy when I get a comment. I wish I could write more naturally that I can get more commnets.

Thursday, October 27, 2005


Today I ate Harumaki (Spring roll).

It is Chinise dish. Even though some people think it for Japanese.
When I was working at Japanese restaurant, some people asked that.

It was so tasty.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Japanese cartoon

Many Japanese cartton was exported. It is a little bit weird for me to watch japanese cartoon in English or another language. But it sometimes help me to communicate with people from other countries. Some of them really like Japanese cartton. They can draw, sometimes can sing very well in Japanese, even they don't know meaning of ryric. As for me when I was a kid , I used to watch "Tom and Jerry ." At that time I imagined life in foreign country. Big house, big kitchen etc. Everything is big , I imagined.Maybe many people is imaging life in Japan when they are watching TV. I want to know how they think .

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Originally we don't have Halloween in Japan. But these year it is getting popular than before. You can find some place where party will be hold. You can buy Halloween costume and decolation easily. This year I don't have any idea to go to party. But last year I really enjoyed. I went to Halloween event at Magic Kingdam ,WDW. It was so fun. I saw many people put on costume. I felt Halloween in U.S.A is totally diffrent. I hope we will have Halloween like there in Japan.

Monday, October 24, 2005

dialect and standard

Since my hometown is far from Tokyo, the people living here is speaking with dialect. When I entered university in Tokyo, I was afraid a little bit. Because I knew I had different accent. My friend in Tokyo used to pointed out my accent. So now I can speak standard Japanese very fluently. (^v^)

Recently especailly among young girls , they like to speak with dialect. I don't know why. But they think it is much cutier.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

making dried persimmon

Yesterday we got many persimmons. Persimmons can be divided from 2types. One is sweet, we can eat after just peering. The other is astringent. As we got astingent persimmons, we had to dried ones to eat.
In Japan we can see dried persimmon at Autumn especially in country side.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Instant Cup Noodle

These are Instant Cup Noodles. I don't know the tlanslation of English is correct or not. You know , just pouring boiled water and waiting 3minites, ready to eat. When I was kids, I don' t like very much, because I felt eating chemical stuff a bit . But recently taste is very different .So tasty. I prefer one kind of noodle called Tonkotsu ra-men. There are many kind of Tonkotsu ra-men, each of them has original taste, and I can be satisfied enough.

I remember Instant Cup Noodles was born in Japan, maybe about30 years or somthing ago. The effors of company is great.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Harricane Wilma

I've just heard new Harricane coming to Florida.
As I have some friends there. I am worrying about them. I went to Cancun and Cozumel as a tourist. They were so beautiful place.
Last summer when I was there , the Harricane came a few times. At that time we have got a curfew to stay at our apartment. But we didn't get damage. But this time it is supposed to be bigger than last year. I hope it is not going to be bad like Katorina.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Korean Actors

These years Korean Drama is very very popular among women. At first Korean Drama "Fuyu no sonota(Sonata of Winter )" was broadcasted by NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation). After starting broadcasting, Bae, Yong Joon who played a main character at that drama was getting very popular, especially middle aged women. Since we use "sama " as a prefix in very polite way , he is called "Yong -sama " in Japan. Before the stars from overseas were for young people. But Most "Yong-sama" fan are middle aged or old aged women. Many fan went to Korea to join in the event. After that many Korean drama were broadcasted. Now many Korean actors and actresses are sometimes coming to Japan. Four of them are so popular and good looking that they are called "Shitennou (Four Kings)".

I like Won Bin- one of "Shitennou". He was in the Drama called "Friends"which is the first dorama made by Korea and Japan in 2002. The story of "Friends" is a love story between Korean guy and Japanese girl . After that I have seen some of his film and drama. I think he is not only a handsome guy but also good actor who can express himself. I have got a pity news today. He decided to serve in army from next mouth for about 2years. Although I knew about this , I feel it is going to be real. I don't know much about military conscription. Only I can do is waiting his coming back.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Today I heard the news about plagiarism. It was a little bit of shock for me.One cartoonist admitted to plagiarizing some sceans of her works from very popular cartoon called "Slam Dunk". I think she is also quite popular. I liked her work "Eden no Hana”. When I was a student, I used to read it. The publishing company decided to stop printing it and recall all her works, including "Eden no hana".

So this afternoon I went to used bookshop where we can read cartoons without buying them. I read some of her work. I won't buy them, but it is pity that I will not be able to read them again. Of course plagiarism is not good. But she apologized. It is hard for me to discuss about moral, but when I was reading, I was touched. That is true. Just a pity. Although , it can't help.

I have just remembered that a few years ago a singer who had been a member of pop group plagiarize some lyrics. So she withdrew from attending Kouhaku-Utagassen which is most popular music program on new year's eve.

I felt it so hard as an artist to make something, and sell it.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Recently in Japan it is said that SNS(social network service) is getting popular. It was born in U.S.A. Only the people who got invitation can join the SNS. That's why they show real name, they might find old friends or they might be able to get new friends from commnity.

Today I read web news that is about one community. It is for the people who has RH-blood. Only a few percentage of people has that blood. They have same problem and never talked those problem with others who has same type of blood.

Actually I joined some SNS. But for me I am mainly using one, I don't know why.
And I have never seen the person whom I knew by SNS. But I got some good information from the community. The other day as I mentioned I got tickets of my favorite artist . I think I could'nt get the tickets without some information from SNS. It was so useful at that time.

Before I read one article about 'soul mate' in U.S.A. With a promise which they won't see in the future , they send mailseach other-sometimes they might confess their secret.

I wonder how they get idea like these things.
It is useful, but how to use is gonna be more responsible for everyone, I think.

Monday, October 17, 2005


The game I wrote couple hours ago has just finished now.
Hawks lost.
It is so pity. Because Hawks finished regular season by 1st.
It was too hard to watch at the end.
I don't have anything to say.
Just sigh.

Big game!!!

Now we have a big baseball game that is Fukuoka softbank Hawks versus Chiba Lotte Marines.
The winner will be the league champion of Pacific league .
Since last year they started 'playoff system' to dicide it after regular season finished.
Today's game is 5th game , it means the last gme , at last.
The winner of tonight will play with Hanshin Tiger that is the champion of Central League.

I am fan of Hawks . Especially I like Munenori Kawasaki.
He is good player and handsome guy. The other day they won thanks to him.
I am watching TV right now. So far the game is like a seesaw game .
Feel so nervous.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Roy Keane

For me Roy Keane is one of most favorite football player in overseas.
In2002 he didn't show up world cup final in Japan because of a row with then manager Mick McCarthy.
Afer this he published his autobiography''Keane".
At that time he had the event for fan in Cork where is his hometown. There fortunately I could get his autography , because I was in Cork, Ireland.
I was sooooo happy to see him, shake hands with him.

According to Web news,Roy Keane retired from international .
After team of Ireland fail to go World cup final.
He had always said he would retire after the 2006 World Cup finals in germany or if Ireland failed to qualify.

It was so disapointed that Ireland can't play in Germany.
In Japan they did really good play in 2002.
They never lost. I mean they play untill the end.
I wish I could see ireland including Roy Keane in Germany.
It is pity to he is retired.

I want to say "Thank you"to him.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Miffy ...and bread

These are 4 pckages of bread.

I prefer rice to bread at morning, even though it takes longer to prepare breakfast. But recently I am eating bread almost everymorning.
Because I want to get a blanket of Miffy.

One company has been holding the campaign that we can get a blanket if we buy 15packeges of bread. I am eating bread everyday.

Miffy is very popular here as well as Kitty or Mickey Mouse.
She was a rabbit drown by Dick Bruna.

I remember when she was imported first time , we call her "Usako-chan".
Usagi means rabbit, ko means child - we often use " ko " at the end of girl's name-, chan is like mr.or miss for girls. But now they called her Miffy .

I don't know how popular she is in overseas.
Here so many kind of characters are created. We love such a thing so much.

Friday, October 14, 2005

In our garden.

This morning I felt smell of Kinmokusei(a fragrant olive ) in our garden. There is a tree in our house. Not only here but also the neighborhood especiially in this season. It let me feel that it is already autumn. Because here in Japan , we have 4 seasons that each has own climate and flowers .
In winter, it is very cold, and sometimes snows. In spring we can see cherry blossoms of full‐blown. And we have very hot and humid summer. In Autumn we can see very beautiful red or yellow leaves .

But in our garden there is Himawari(Sun flower) , too. It is should be in summer. It the beginning of this summer we didn't have enough rain to grow as usual .

To see these 2 kind of flowers at same time is a little strange feeling.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

lovely bone

Recently I am reading this book "lovely bone".
Some of you maybe know about this book especially in U.S.A.
It was published a few years ago, I guess. And it is best seller. I bought this book, maybe 1year ago. But I was busy or lazy??? , hahaha, I couldn' t finish it up before.(To be honest , reading in English books is tough for me.)

But nowadays I have a time ,so now I am tring again.

The story is that the girl whose name is susie was raped by the man loving nearby. After she went to heaven, she is keep watching her family.

It is tanslated in Japanese, too. After finish reading, I will read in Japanese, too.
because some experession in Japanese make me understood easily.


The other day I saw "AIBO".
It is first experience to communicate with AIBO.
I know some ability of them by tv.
But I was surprised at them, when I touched for the first time.
They don't have fur, but the way of their moving made me take them for real animal.

I like dogs very much, and I had a dog before. But he died about 10 years ago.
I really want to have a dog again. But right now it is difficult to keep the dog for me.

When I was playing with AIBO, they reacted.They can understand some words. Their tail is waving.They was so cute. They are just like dog .But they are not just like real dog.
They have special ability that they can take photos , write their diary and send it to owner.

According to official web site, it has already 6years passed after they showed up .
When I heard the news of AIBO. I felt it is too expensive. Who gonna buy?? I thought.
But now I can understand to do. Anyway it is still tooooooooo expensive for me to buy.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I HATE mosquito.

I hate mosquitos.

In summer time they always make me gloomy.
Here in japan, it is supposed to be autumn right now.
It is getting cold. But still some of them are alive.
It is worst time to be bitten at midnight when I am sleeping.
Once I feel itchy, it gonna be hard to sleep again.

It is said that we have 2 types of people. this is say, some people were easy to be biiten , the others were not.

When I and my parents are at home , always my mom is safe. the victims are me and my dad.
There are like a hill behind the my house, that's why we have been still suffering them.
To keep away from them , we use the "katorisenko (it is like an incense )".
We have electorical one , too. But katorisenko is higher quality, if you don' t mind the smell.

I want to go somewhere that there are no mosquitos.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I've just got the ticket!!!!

Mr.children ---they are my favorite artist.
Actually, the title of this blog"Dear wonderful world" is the one of their song.

I have been to their concert several times , but these couple of years I couldn' t go. Because, I wasn't in Japan. I really loved to live in other country. But it is only pity thing that I can' t go their concert.

I have been a big fan of them since 10years before.
It is a easy way to get tickets to join in their fanclub.
But I wasn't in Japan , I felt expensive to do it.

The vocalist "Kazutoshi Sakurai" is always touching my heart when I am listening their music.
Since they became popular once, I think 10years before , all their works became chart 1.
All their album was sold more than ome million.

They will be have a concert tour on this fall to winter.
Recantly I tried booking tickets twice by phone.
But it was useless.
And then today, I was so happy, because I could get their tichets by web booking.
I was so lucky, because I have just checked by chance.

I have to prepare for their concert.

Monday, October 10, 2005


We got Gyutan. Yeah.... I love it.
Gyutan is sliced beef tongue, which is grilled with salt, served some restaurant in the city.

It is usually served with mugimeshi (rice with barley) . Each restaurants have their own recipes, which vary according to the thickness of the meat and the different seasonings and sauces. If you're just passing through the city, pick up a gyutan bento (takeaway lunch box) from one of the vendors in Sendai station.

I am always writing cbout food on this weblog. ha ha ha

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Banana, Banana, Banana

We have prenty of bananas at home right now.
How long do we have to keep eating bananas?
My mom bought gigant one bunch of which come with 17bananas.
My father brought "tokyo banana" , because he has just come back.
It is pretty famous as a souvenir in Tokyo.

We have very known auther whose name is "yoshimoto banana", needles to say, it is pen name . She has tatoo of banana on her body.
When I went to Ireland, I saw many her works in books there. According to her official website, her books are translated in not only Europe, but also in middle east, Asia, and America.
Her very very famous first work is "kitchen" . When I was student , I used to read many of her works. I like "tugumi". I think her sentence is simple. It looks easy to understand, but it makes me think so deeply.

In Japan, we sometimes say "Automn for sports", "Autumn for eating",and "Autumn for reading ." I feel like reading her books again.
It might be nice idea.
Why don't you try her works????

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Today's lunch at home

This is today's lunch I cooked at home.

tuna , yam , seaweed paper on the rice
Kakitama -jiru
egg soup

Habla Espanol?

These days I am learning Spanish.
Although I have started before, but it is difificult to keep.
I have some friends in Mexico and Spain.
On May I went to Mexico for about 2weeks.
Mexico city, Montley, Puebla , Cancun...
It was so good , scenary is beautiful, the food is delicious, too- though, I can' t eat spicy food.
I want to go there again. I want to Spain too. They have very attractive history and the architecture.

In U.S.A. most of students supporsed to study Spanish as a second language. But in Japan, I think French , Chinise and Korean is more popular than Spnish. These couple of years , the number of people who are studying Korean is increasing,because of Korean drama.

I am studying, but little by little.
I wish I could write this blog in Spanish, too. maybe someday!

Friday, October 07, 2005

Mountain, Ocean, Sun

This is the "Fresh Burger(about $3)" in MOS burger.
It is my favorite burger in Japan.
The name MOS means mountain, ocean ,and sun.
MOS burger is originally in Japan.
They made Teriyaki burger and rice burger for the first time.
They make humberger after they get an order. Not like other humberger shop. It takes few minute sometimes , or quite long time to get foods.
even thouh I have to wait longer than other shop, I don't mind it.
Because it is so tasty.
They have some special burger , too. They are made from high quality stuff.
They are expensive, too. (about $6~$9)
Since they are limit number of burgers (10 or something like that)per day, I have eaten just once.
I have never seen MOS burger in overseas.
I have just check their website , there are some shops in Taiwan and Singpore.
If you have a chance, try it.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Merry Stories of Flowers and Greenary

As I mentioned before that we have a event now in my hometown.
The title is " Merry Stories of Flowers and Greenary"........
You might think what's that . The name is very big, I guess.
In short, it is national greenary fair.
I wouldn't go there, but at last I went.(^^)

The main event is that we can see "Blue Rose" that was thought to make.
But since one beer company has been researching for a long time, they succeeded.
It is first time that they exhibit "Blue Rose".
I did see that.
It is not so-called blue. It is like a light blue or, light purple.
It is a pity that I couldn't take a picture. It is not allowed to do.

It is good.
It is much better than I thought.
The weather was perfect.
not rain ,not hot, but not cold...
It was not crowded.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Gokusen is TV dramashow in Japan.
It have been already broadcasted season1, special, season2.
I knew it was so popular at the moment.
But I hadn't watched this tv show until yesterday.
I rented dvds of season1 and special.
And then , I kept watching until this morning.
sometimes almost cry....sometimes couldn't help laughing.

Kumiko Yamaguchi (her nick name is Yankumi) became a high school teacher.
She got the charge of 3-D class that is fulled with students who has many problems.
She is thought lightly by students for the first time .
But she didn't care at all.
Because she was a granddaughter of the leader of the Oedofamily which is Ninkyofamily- like a japanese maffia.
They also will open the mind to Kumiko before long.

On next month dvds of 2nd season will be sold soon.
I am looking forward it.

Since I was keeping watch TV for a long time , I was so exausted. Especially my eyes.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Today I went to eat at the kaiten-zushi restaurant.
If I translate the word "kaiten-zushi". it is like rolled-sushi.
There is a conveyer belt which is rolled at the restaurant. Sushi on the dish is on the conveyer belt. You can just pick up the dishes to eat.
It is much cheeper than ordinary sushi bar.
I know many people in U.S.A. take it for granted to eat in bar is cheeper than in table seets.
But kaiten-zushi restanrant is very cheep and reasonable to eat.
At some of the restaurant the price of sushi-usually 2 peace of sushi on1 dish- is just 105Yen(about1$). It is cheep , isn't it???

Before I thought kaiten-zushi is only in Japan.
But when I went to San Francisco, I found similar one.
Now everything is very international.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Hikaru Genji

Hikaru Genji (光GENJI) was one the most popular idol group in1980s.
It was consisted of 7 teenage boys members. When they were singing , they put on rollerskates on their foot.
It was surprising when I saw them singing.
They were soooooooooo popluar at the time.
Most of girls were crazy about them.
Me, as well.
I really really loved them.
In fact, I have been to their concert once.

But after 8years had passed , they stopped their performance as "Hikaru Genji".
After that I have been able to watching not so many times.
Some of them were still working as a actor.
Recently I wached some of them on TV. Now they are more than 30years.
They looks so old. A little bit shocked.....

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Hello Kitty

The other day I went to Sanrio shop .
Sanrio is the company which produced "Hello Kitty" , " Keroppi", "my melody"and so on.
Accrding to the web page in Japanese, we can know their profile.

For example, "Hello Kitty".
name:Kitty White
b-day:1st of november
the place she was born in: in a suburb,London,UK
height: 5 apples
weight: 3apples

......Height is as tall as 5 apples.
......Weight is as heavy as 3 apples.

There are more than 100 characters in Japanese web page.
All characters have their own profile like above.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Hanshin Tigers

As I mentioned before,Hanshin Tigers is a baseball team in Japan
The day before yesterday they got the title of league champion.
As a result, it was so crazy monent after that.
According to the newspaper , 13 People are arrested.!!!!!!!!!!
And about the fence I wrote, about 60 people dived into Doutonbori river.