Monday, October 29, 2007


I wonder how much have I spent on time and money to have a good command of English. I don't know the exactly answer and to tell the truth, I may be afraid to know that , but anyway a lot. It's hard to imagine how difference I am now if I had'nt studied it.
Thank you for English! Now I don't "study " English especialy -as taking English classes, but I am trying to put myself in "English circumstance" -for example, watchind dvd in only english, reading English novels and I am using English at my work.

Just like I was, there are so many people who want to be able to speak English in Japan. To our pity, it is difficult for us to speak it fluently only by school education. We may have " admiratuin" for English and native English speaker. There are ao many English school here, I can't miss the advertisement of the English educational materials in the magazine or internet.

On october 26 2007 "NOVA" filed for court protection ,which is the biggest english school with more than 300000. students and 5000 teachers at about 800 branches. The school is closed until another sponcer will appear.

Most of students has paid their school fees in advance (some of them paied more than 600000 yen ) , without new sponser they can't expect their money back , on the other hand many teachers and staffs hav'nt get their wages more than 2months. According to TV news some of them don't have money only to go back their countries. Some of them are trying to get another job,(actually they need another job to stay in Japan for visa or work permit) but it is not so easy. I don't mean there are no jobs. The creterion for being a techer at NOVA was actually low, even you don't have a licence to teach, if you are native English speaker, they accepted. But at some English school , the licence is required.

I am really sorry the teaches ,students and staffs.
Because of NOVA, some of the students may feel no more English.
Because of NOVA, some of the teachers may think no more Japan.

If so , that's pity.

The annoucement from NOVA

British embassy

Austrarian embassy