Friday, August 25, 2006

Americanized "Japanese food" by Japanese

Like a riddle ?????

The other day I hanged out with my friend, we found the beautiful rolls at the department store. We decided to buy them so quickly , it was so delicious.

Sushi is originally Japanese food. I think many people know about it.

But those colorfull rolls like califolnia rolls are made by people in U.S.A. When I went to a Japanese restaurant in other country , to my surprise they have many kind of these roll. Some is beyond the Japanese sense, for example fish with seafood.

Recently some place in Japan they serve these kind of sushi roll as well as original sushi rolls. But the shop I found in the department store sell only those colorful rolls. It is interesting American people made new taste of Japanese sushi , which reimport to Japan. Sushi is already global food, isn't it???

Natsubate but time to be healed

It's been a long time since my previous post, how are you all doing? Some of you might be worry about me during my long absense from this blog, at first I couldn't post because of ill. But after getting over, I didn't feel like to do anything. Why??
I am sure it's because of "Natsubate".

Natsu means summer in Japanese.
Bateru is a kind of slung word means "got exausted"

Every year the weather of Japanese summer is making me feel very tired. Especially the difference of tempreture of inside or outside building. It is more than 30c degrees outside , Inside like my working place it is so cold by air conditioning system.

This year rainy season called "tsuyu" is longer than usual, so it suppporsed to be shorter summer , I think, but still we have hot and humid summer.

Although I have been suffering from "Natsubate" during summer, the other day I got time to be healed. Thank you for my friends Aime san, Rey san, Ami san and Megan san, I could joinen the healing party. I had great healthy meal - I loved the cheezecake, got massage -feel relaxes so much, facial treatment - such a luxuary time, and finally I did Yoga outside. I am sure my body is very delighted.

Sometimes I feel less enjoyable this humid summer , but I really want to enjoy the rest of this summer;)