Saturday, December 31, 2005


Today is the new year's eve called "Omisoka" in Japanese. It's one of the most important day for Japanese people.

Mothers are going to make the new year special dish "Osechi". At night we have crossover year noodle which called "Toshikoshi soba".On TV a very very famous music program called "Kohaku utagassen" is broadcasted until almost midnight.

After the new year came,this is say ,after 0a.m., many people go to the shrine or temples. Some people would go three place of shrines or temples.

Have a wonderful year!!!!

Friday, December 30, 2005

Shabu shabu

Today I ate Shabu shabu (also spelled syabu syabu)with my freind.Shabu shabu is one of the pot style dishes, we like to eat especially at winter season. To my regret , I forgot to take a picture of that.

It is very similar to sukiyaki cooked in the pot on the table.Both dishes are served with meet(usually beef) vegetables, tofu, and mushrooms. But meat for shabu shabu is thinner than meat for sukiyaki. You wanna know how to cook it?

At first you need make dashi soup by water and kombu,or you can use dashi stock. Then put dashi soup into the pot and heat,add the vegitable in,since the meat is very thin, only you can cook for a few seconds.

As you eat with dipping sauce like sesame sause or ponzu sause.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

kagami mochi

This is one of the decoration for the new year which is called "kagami mochi"."kagami" means mirror,and "mochi" means rice cake.

"Kagami mochi" consist of two of rice cakes-small one put on the bigger one,and a tangerine called "mikan" or Japanese orange called "daidai" on the top of the ricecakes.We offer it to Buddha and god at the New Year.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

teachers are running!!!

As I wrote before, we exchange new year's greeting cards in Japan. Postmans make sure to deliver cards on January 1st if we post until December 25th.I should have write earier,but now I am struggling to do that. Although I have to say that I am using PC to make new years cards. It is much easier and quicker. Almost done:) If I post them tomorrow, should be O.k.Hopefully.

We have to do not only greeting cards , but also other things which are prepared for the new year. For exmaple , cleaning up all over the house , decorating the houses, preparing for the new year's foods....etc. Quite busy.

About December, using old calender , we call Shiwasu(師走) which means teachers run,that is to say, December is a busy mouth as teachers are running!!!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Cold cold I am freezing! Especially when I am coming back home at night.

Now at the end of year, this is the season of the Bounenkai (end-of-the-year party). If I translate Bounenkai exactly,it means forget-the-year party. In the party we eat and drink or sometimes sing together at the reataurants , izakaya(japanese style pubs),or somewhere else. We have several Bounenkai by company , pffice, school , friends, and so on. At night we can see many drunken people in the street. For me the season I have to be careful to get fat gradually. Fu...

Most of companies have new years holidays from December 28th or 29th until January 3rd or 4th. Yes! depends on the companies. My friend she is working at shop in a big mall can't take day off until January 5th. So sorry.

Well, it will finish the Bounenkai season soon, but after new years day we will have Shin-nenkai(New Year's party) again....:)

Monday, December 26, 2005

Driving licence

I got a letter from Austria. It is great surprised.It was three years past since we saw last. Sometimes it is hard to keep touch in friends in foreign countries. I feel very happy that somebody remember me in overseas. I want to go to Austria... Someday someday maybe maybe...

Well, today I am little tired. Because I got to up very early to go to the driving licence office renewal my drivind licence. It was the first time to do it for me, because I got the licence about 3years ago.I had to take two- hours class which made me sleepy.

If you want to get one , you have two choice. One is just taking exam. It is quite difficult to pass it. The other is to graduate driving licence shcool. Most of people, actually more than 90%people, go to the school. So did I. It is very expensive, depends on the area, but at least you need more than 200000yen to graduate it,and if you are not good at driving like ME, you have to pay extra money. Oh, I paid a lot....But you don't need worry about it , you can drive by your international licence. Lucky you:) hahaha

I rarely drive, I am just using my licence as a ID. It is too expensive just for that!

Sunday, December 25, 2005

100 th post

To my surprise, this is my 100th post!!! Wow.
For me it is surprising.
I had never kept a diary, even in Japanese.

Actually I have started this blog to have oppotunity to use English.As I mentioned before, I've learned English for years and years, now I can speak English, but it is easy to forget , unless I am using it.

Since I started this blog, sometimes it has been tough to write in English. But I know many people was reading this blog, some of you left comments often, and I got some emails from readers. It made me encorage to keep writing.

I like to travel foreign countries,where sometimes I got friends. Many people are interested in this small contry Japan, but most of them know a little or misunderstand about Japan. I am very happy if those people who read my blog have interests.

Now I want to keep writing as long as I can. I don't know about the future. I am enjoying to write this. that's enough.

P.S. I am happy if you sign on my guest map (see right).

Thank you very much.
Kazumi :D

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Season's greeting.

Season's greeting.
Happy Holidays.
The other day I saw a big chiristmas tree which was illuminated by the windows of the hotel. It was so good. Many people was taking pictures like me.

It was snowed some place in Japan. More than 200cm snowed in one area just for one night. According to the wether report, here in Japan it will be most coldest winter in 20years .
Oh my god!

Yesterday when I was on the train, I saw many place which was covered by snow. These 2 are the pictures ,not good ones, because it was taken from the train.

Friday, December 23, 2005

The Emperor's birthday

Today December 23th is the Emperor's Birthday, so national holiday. We call him Ten nou in Japanese. When Emperor will change , the day will be changed.They will have a public ceremony at the Imperial Palace.I never been those kinds of ceremonies.But many people especially old people are going.

For young people ,I guess, it is important we can take 3days holiday,because this year after 23th , saturday and sunday are coming.

Thursday, December 22, 2005


Last night I went to a eating place named "Ootoya(大戸屋)". This is one of my favorite place to eat. They mainly serve Japanese cuisine like home-style dishes. They have many kinds of dishes is not expensive.They have beautiful menus with photo, even if you can't understand Japanese , you can order, I guess. If you come to Japan, try Ootoya, and you will taste Japanese home-style dishes.

I had a kind of noodle(*Udon) stew set tasted by *Miso with a soft-boiled egg, vegitables and some oysters, served with rice and pickles. Price is 735yen(about $6) .
Now it is very cold outside, it is very good time to have something hot.

*miso is soya bean paste. The miso soup is made by dissolving miso paste in hot water. It it necessary Japanese style breakfast.
*Udon are thick Japanese noodles.

[ootoya/Japanese only]

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

taking a nap

In the morning I can wake up easily.
But in the afternoon I always feel sleepy, since I was a student.

The warmth from the sun -maybe it is not too hot, and not too cold, full belly after lunch, boring class like math, there are enough to feel sleepy.

The other day I watched one attempt of high school in TV.
After lunch , they can take"nap break "for 15minutes with listening Mozart.and using a pillow.

Compare with before, the hours of sleep of students are getting shorter because of internet, TV, study and so on. According to report from Doctor, the students who had taken "nap break" could concentlate and study more.

I think it is so useful.
When I was a high school student, if I could take nap break like this high school, I studied more :) Maybe maybe maybe jejeje

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

today's lunch

Today I ate lunch in a very good hotel. It it a Japanese resturant , which is prtty famous.

I ordered the plate which is serve many food little by little. tempura, fish(sashimi/grilled) ,vegitables, japanese pickles, egg omlet, miso soup, rice, fruits. It was a decent lunch (3000yen/about$23.)

The color of food was beautiful.
As I forget to bring my digital camera, it it not so good picture.
But can you see the color?

Monday, December 19, 2005

Only for woman

If you go to the center of Tokyo, you might be surprised that too many people in the trains, especially in the morning. Sometimes more than twice or 3 times as the capacity. Everyone push you, and you can't do anything.

To our shame, there are some people called "chikan" who touch woman's body on purpose in the crowded train.
So to reduce chikan people and to protect women from a sexul crime, some railway companies introduced a new system .
They decided one car of each train for only woman in the morning. (Exactly saying , it is not for only women but also for the boys under 12 years old.)
Isn't surprising?

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Howl's moving castle

Last night I watched DVD of the animation movie"Howl's moving castle"

"How's moving castle" is originally a novel written by British author.
Sophe is a 18 years old girl who was changed her apperance to 90 years old woman by a witch.
She went to Howl(he is a wizard)' s moving castle , worked as a housekeeper to turn her original appearance. Then got a big trouble...

The story is totaly different from original novel especially last halfof the stoey, and it is said too hard to understand some story ,so many people have different interpretation. So I can't write story any more:)

Well ,it it the latest film of the director of Hayao Miyazaki.
Actually I like his works so much.
Have you heard his name?

In Japan he is a very famous and popular movie director,
He is the head of the film studio called "Studio Ghibli" which has own musium.
So far he made many films and got many awards.
He got the Oscar 2002 by "Spirited Away".
I love this one. I have seen both in Japanese and in English, then I felt a littele difference , off course not much only a little bit. Sometimes when we wached some his works like "Princess Mononoke" and "Spirted Away", I think we need knowledge of Japanese cultural things or stories. Off course even in English it have much fun.

If you want to try your first Miyazaki movie, I recommend "My neibougher Totoro" or "Laputa: The Castle in the Sky". Especially "Totoro " is good for kids.

The other day I sent DVD of "Spirted Away" to a friend in overseas as a Christmas present.
I hope she like it!

[How's moving castle]
[Hayao Miyazaki]
[Studio Ghibli]

Saturday, December 17, 2005

food from the world

Yesterday I went to Mexican restaurant. I ate Tacos, Tostadas, Enchilada. I like avokado so much. The smell of Tacos was so good. and inside restaurant atomosphere is nice, too. I remember the time I went to Mexico. Just we had to wait for our order for a long time. There was a drunking man who want to talk with us. He was so noisy !!!

Tomorrow I am going to the Irish pub. Ireland is one of my favorite countries.In 2002 I was watching soccer world cup Korea, Japan in a Irish pub. At that time it was so crowded, but I really enjoyed and excited.In Ireland people are drinking without eating. But here in Japan we eat and drink at the same time. That's why it is difficult to run REAL Irish pubs in Japan, but at least I can enjoy the atomosphere, and they have Guiness absolutely! (To be honest I prefer Murphy's ! But I can't find it here.) I will enjoy!

Now we can eat many kinds food from the world. It is really convenience.
There are some supermarket which is mainly selling imported foods. They are pretty expensive, but many people like it!

Friday, December 16, 2005

Mao Asada

Mao Asada-
She is a just fifteen years old girl, but many people fascinated deeply by her performance on the ice. She is a figure skater, last mounth she captured title of Grand Prux in France. But to her pity, she is too young to go for Olympics in February in Turin, Italy. Skating Union regulations require for senior championships a skater must be 15 by the previous July 1. She just turned fifteen on September. It is so pity. If only a few mouths earlier she was born, she could fulfill the rules.

Many people feel sorry for not only in Japan, but also in overseas. ABC has reported about her. Actually although the rule was set for the medical aspect, but some people expected, if possible she get title of Grand Prix finals , she might have a possibility.

Besides Mao Asada, we have some very popular and famous skaters.
Tonight we have the Grand Prix finals in Tokyo.
It must be very exciting .

[about Mao Asada]
[mainichi news]
[abc news]

Thursday, December 15, 2005

mobile phone

I am going to buy a mobile phone. Because now I don't have one at the moment.(sometimes I am useing my my mother's.:) All my friend except me have their own mobilephone. It is very rare that young people like me doesn't have it.

Before I had one.I liked a lot. Sometimes I paid more than 20000yen (about $170) in 1 mouth. Oh my god. Now I don't like so much. Because compare with before some people are tend to be late for appointments easily, because of mobile phones.
But to be honest once I get my phone again, I am sure , I am gonna be addicted it like before. So I am afraid that.

But it is high time to have mobile even me. Yesterday I went to get some brochures.
There are 4 companies now in Japan. (It is going to increase.)Each of them has more than 10 types. Each has differnt character. For example, high quality digital camera, FM radio, TV, GPS, music player. They have so many kinds. Oh I can't choose one!!! I don't know when I can get .....hehehe:)

[mobile phone companies in Japan]

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

English ,,,again

Nowdays I can't wait every Tuesday, because I am so addicted to one Drama which is been broadcasting on Tuesday night. That is the story of the girl who has an incurable disease and her family , boyfriend. I always have a big cry, when I am watching this drama. To be honest , I always cry when I see a touching drama or movie.

But if it is sporken in English, I think I am not crying like this. This is the difference for me to use English or Japanese. Sometimes I am trying to watch movies without Japanese subtitle , which makes me so nervous to understand. One more thing, when I am watching Japanese comedy program, I can't help stopping it. But in English I can't laugh from the bottom of my heart.

Now I sometimes feel my limit of English skill. I wish I could understand English not only my brain but also by my heart.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

onigiri (riceball)

If you go to a convinience store in Japan, you will find this food absolutely.
It is called "onigiri"or "omusubi"which translates riceball in English.
Its shape is usually triangle like in this picture.
(But when we make at home, the shape is ball or triangle , depends on family.)

Unwrapped the package, there is seaweed paper and rice with ingredients like tuna, salmon, bonito flakes. It is so common , handy that many people eat it everyday. I think it is one of our culture. Because sometimes it is written within old story. Nowdays we can see Japanese style convinience stores around the world. But I guess only a few store in overseas are selling onigiri.

Here as companies have competed onigiri's taste and quality, every company has own brand, many kind of taste. We can really enjoy.

Last July one company opened new a Japanese style store in U.S.A. They sell onigiri, too! Since many people don't like seaweed paper, they put sepalate it and rice ball.


famima(Japanese style convinience stores in U.S.A)

Monday, December 12, 2005

a useful book

If you have a plan to go to Japan, and if you can't understand Japanese at all, you might be worry about after you arrive. I recommend the bookwhose title is Yubisashi(The original "POINT-AND-SPEAK" phrase book.) It is a very useful book, which will make you communicate with Japanese easier.

For example, see this picture.
The section of the bottom is written as follows:

Good evening


In English Good evening You can understand it!
In Japanese(writing) こんばんは You might not be able to understand it.
In Japanese(pronounce) kombanwa You will be able to promounce it.

If you pronouce it , you can comminication with Japanese people. But if you feel it hard to pronounce it, just point out, and people can understand what you mean.

This book has many illustrations and pictures which show culture, daily life, souvenior,daily necessites and so on. You can use more than 3000 words.

I really like this series. I have 5 or 6 titles.
When I went to Mexico, I could understand Spanish only a few phrases. But since I have this book of Mexico for Japanese. One of my mexican friend said it is sensational, and everybody liked it so much. I am going to send it to my friend this book of Japan for English speakers.

Now the company published more than 70 titles, but most of these books are for Japanese. They have 3 titles of the books about Japan for English, Korean, or Chinise speaker.

When you arrive to Japan, check this book in a bookshop!
Price is 1500yen(about$12.50)

Japanese only

Sunday, December 11, 2005

first snow ...and winter

Today I visited one of my friend.

On my way to home, I saw the snow.
It is the first time to see snow in this year.
I felt the winter has already came.

Actually the end of this year is coming soon.
We can watch some TV problem which show the popular somgs or thr trends of the year.
One company have selected the words which were popular in this year.
The rest of this year is less than 3weeks.
I can't belive it.
I have to write nengajo(new year's greeting cards).

Saturday, December 10, 2005


About English..

In Japan usually we start to learn English when we enter junior high school, 12years old.
But most of Japanese people don't speak English so well.Many people go to English conversation school after their jobs. To speak and listen is harder than to read and write for us. The Exams are usually stressed on to read and write. (although nowdays it is changing...)

The other day I spoke a man who came from U.S. As he has a Japanese wife, he could understand and speak Japanese very well. But to my surprise , he has learned Japanese just for 3years!!! Unbelieable..

Well, it is not so easy to have a situation to speak in English, if we are in Japan. Compare to before, the number of foreign people in Japan is increasing. Even that it is difficult, I think.

But we have one more problem which is come from Japanese culture.
It it quite hard to say I can speak English. We maybe think the goal of speaking English is to speak so fruently . In addition that, we care mistakes,and feel embaranment if we made mistakes. That's the problem.

I think I can speak English , but not enough to say perfect.
But I want to say ''I can speak English "with full of confidence. Someday..

Friday, December 09, 2005

Madonna loves...

I have read an essay written by a Japanese woman who have been living in France for many years. She wrote as follows; Whenever she came back to Japan, she was surprised because toilets in Japan are incredible. They are always made progress by the companies. For example, heated toilet, automatically flushed, washlet and so on.

The other day Madonna, needless to say she is a top singer, came to Japan for promoting ,and had interview.
It has already 12 years passed since she came to Japan last time, but she said she really like Japanese culture, food, etc, and I was surprised that she said "I've missed the heated toilet seats." So there are no heated toilet seats in U.S.A. maybe.

If so, when you come to Japan, you might be surprised the technology for the toilets in Japan but at the same time you can see many Japanese style toilets which have no technology at public restrooms.

about Japanese toilet

Madonna's interview

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Christmas season is coming.

Now we can see the christmas illumination every where. I like atomospere of Christmas. Although most of Japanese people are not Christian.
Like other event, the Christmas is very commercial one here. Usually , department stores open on the day, not like in U.S.A. or Europian contries. People buy many present, have special dinner.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Black sesame icecream

Here is one more something Japanese taste.
This is black sesame icecream of Haagen-daz.
It is sold for only limited season.
I guess no these stuff in overseas.
This picture is not good to show.
Can you see the grey color?
Actually it looks no good.
But taste,,,, umm sesame...
For me it is Ok, but my friend said disgusting.

Monday, December 05, 2005

pay in the restaurants

Tonight I went to the restaurant with my friend to have dinner.
It is a type of restaurant which is called family restaurant in Japanese. It has reasonable price menu , good atomosphere for family, has variety of menu.... It is almost same as like ihop, Denny's in U.S.A.

But one thing is totally different.
In U.S.A. when you want to pay , you maybe call your server for the check, then you give money or card to the server, sometimes you will wait for your change or card at your table. Then you leave some money or write tip amount on your check for your server.

But in Japan it is easy.
We don't have any tip system usually. You don't have to worry about tip.
After you get the check, you just go to the casher counter, then pay exact money.
I don't know very very good restaurants ,and maybe at hotels service charge might be add.
But usually you don't need it.

When I went to U.S.A, we had to think about tip at the restaurant. Usually 15%-20%. At some restaurants they add tip because they knew we were Japanese. They knew some Japanese didn't leave any tip, because we don't have it. I know the salary of server was from tip. But many Japanese don't know it. So it might happen.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Lottery (takarakuji)

We have some big lottery called "takarakuji" in Japanese. Now they are selling "nenmatsu-jumbo(means big lottery at the end of year )". The 1st prize is 200000000yen(about$1660000), if you buy consequence you might have a chance to get 3000000000yen(about$2500000).

The other day I bought some "nenmatu jumbo takarakuji" in a famous shop where is said many people win. Sooooo many people. Guess how long I waited for getting lottery. The answer is 75minutes. hahaha. It is OK. I bought dream...
If I win, ... If I win, ....

Saturday, December 03, 2005


The other day I went to the concert of "Mr.Children" which is my favorite group. Oh not just my favorite, the most. Actually this blog's name "Dear wonderful world " is the title of one of thier songs. It had already passed more than 3years since I went to their concert last time, I was so excited. As the vocalist was sick 2years ago-I don't know the name of sick in English, they cancelled the previous tour. So that's why I could't wait it.

It was amazing, it took place in Tokyo Dome which is a very big baseball studium. Fortunately we got the seats in good positions, we could see them directly, no need glasses. I bought the T-shirt. I had areally really good time. It is like a dream.
I sang with joy, jumped a lot. Fuuuu. I wanna go again. Today I bought their DVD and watched. So I can enjoy for a while

When I was learning English, my teacher would say "learn by heart your favorite English songs!" At that time I was trying to remember ryrics of the Beatles, and so on. So I just reccomend if you are learning Japanese, try Mr.children's song. Most of thier song are very positive, make you feel happy, although not every song, some song are very sad... Before I reccomennd one friend from Korea. Now she is a fan of them.

Japanese only

some more green tea stuff

I want to show you some more green stuff.

This is a cake (left) which called "kasutera" was originally imported from Portugal and Spain in 16 th century.It is made with many eggs , but this one made with green tea, too. This picture is not good to show the color of green, can you see that color?Original kasutera's color is yellow.Green tea kasutela...I think it is rare.

One more thing(right) chocolate with green tea taste.This is the chocolate whose name is "Melty kiss".Only winter season they have special taste with green tea.

I ilke both of them. They are sweet , but a little bit bitter,that's nice.
How much do I like green tea!!! I don' t know. Oh , I just wanna try it.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

something with green tea taste

I like something with green tea taste.

Today I went to Starbucks, and had the Green tea Frappuccino.
I guess it is sold only in Japan, because when one of my friend who lives in U.S.A came back , she said it is only in Japan, so she really wanted to.

The other day I went to the Italian restaurant where they serve green tea tiramisu.I had never eaten those kind of tiramisu. It is unexpected taste,but it is ok. As I mentioned before , I like the green tea icecream so much, too.

I like green tea, but I hate green tea with sugar. But I like very much something sweet with green tea taste. Is it contradicting?

Umm yummy.

From the internet cafe

This is kazumi from the internet cafe.

When I go travel in foreign country, I sometimes use internet cafe.
It is a just fot computer..
But here in japan since I rarely go there, I did'nt know the quality which made me surprised.
Because it is so comfortable to be in , and beautiful.
I can use my own space with big black sofa, can read manga(japanese cartoon books), can sleep well.
I guess difference of internetcafe in Japan and in foreign countries are manga books.
There are so many kinds of manga in most of the internet cafes. Because of manga is kind of Japanese culture. There are some manga cafe in Japan, too. I mean, no-computer...

Since we have separated space by ourselves , many people who has missed the last train that couldn't go home ,stay all the night in the internet cafe. Actually they are selling tooth paste and brushes. To my surprise , they have shower room, too...
It it much cheeper than to stay in hotel.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

set up "kotatsu"

We set up "kotatsu".
It is a Japanese furniture , low table with heater.
As it is getting colder, we need it.
I think most of people have one kotasu in their house.
We take off our shose inside house, that's why we have a furniture like this.

I show you kotatsu.

This is a flame of kottatsu.
Under the center part, there is a heater.

Then cover by thick Futon or blanket.

Place table cover.

We put our legs , it will keep warm.
Once we are under kotatsu, as nice warm, it gonna be difficult to be out.
We say, even cat likes kotatsu.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Labor Thanksgiving Day

Today is a national holiday called Labor Thanksgiving Day.
It is not like Thanksgiving in the U.S. or Europe.
Not so big event , for me just a holiday.

To spend on holidays in Japan is totally different that in U.S. or Europe.
I mean, on holidays here in Japan-except on new years day- most of shops and department store are open. People go to shopping on holiday like Christmas. Everywhere is so crowded on that day. But in U.S. and Europe they close on Thanksgivingday , Christmas, and Easter.
Buses will stop on that day. It is bad time to travel around the time.
I just know after Thanks giving they have big sale.
It' so different, although I don't know much about it in the other countries like Asia or Africa.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

virtual pet

Do you know "Tamagotchi"?
It is a kind of game which you can have a virtual pet.
Unless you have to take care of it , it will be bad , at last died sonner.
It is also made in Japan. I remember about 9or10years ago it was big boom of "Tamagotchi."
It was reported many people was waiting for the shop open to get it from the midnight.
I heard not only Japan but also in other countries they are sold well. more than 40million of Tamagotchi was sold so far.

I read one article which is about new Tamagotchi.
They made new version of Tamagotchi , start to sell from tomorrow.
It was fun 10years ago.
I have already got tired of Tamagotchi, I don't have any interest of new one.
Maybe just I became too old to play it.
But I think many people gonna buy it .

japanese only

Monday, November 21, 2005


We planted some pansies in our garden.
They are so cute.

I hope they grow well.

Sunday, November 20, 2005


Today we have a good news .

Naoko Takahashi who is the Sydney Olympics marathon gold medallist has participated in Tokyo International Women's Marathon today. She got a National Honor Award because she was the first woman athlete who got the gold medal. I watched her run by TV, it was so wonderful race, at last she won. She is a very popular athelete who called "Q-chan" be her nick name. I like her so much, so I was happy. Because 2years ago when she ran the same course, since she was'nt runnning well, she could'nt participate at Atlanta Olympic. To our surprise, she had a mustle problem today, but she did!! Her smailing was so blight.

This morning I read another article of marathon.5or 6 years old of kindergarten kids ran full marathon -42.195km-! Can you belive that? 11of 13 kids finished up about 7hours.They are running 4or 5km every morning on bare foot. I was so surprised.

Well, I ran marathon on last Jamuary.
It took 6hours and half. hahaha almost same as kid.
When I finished up it, my leg was so tight.
As I didn' t practice much before the race, felt so tired and got a fever.
At that time , I would think never run again, but now I wanna try it again.
Just need practice, absolutely...

Are they SUSHI???

They are USB memory called "sushi disk."

Most of equipment of PC are simple colored by white or black. But one company have selled these Sushi are so humorus that they are popular among young women . Because of they made one by one by hand, they are bit expensive, for example one tuna(128MB) is 8200yen (about75$), and the whole set of this picture is 71700yen(about640$)!!!! Someone said it's market price!

Would you like one???

japanese only

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Haiku in English

I have't known "Haiku " is quite popular in English.

Haiku is a kind of poem, which have to include the word of season, originally Japan about 600-700years ago. Since we have four seasous, and have loved beauty of season, nature.

In Japanese we usually write 3lines by 5letters, 7letters, 5letters.
There are some famous poet in our history, we learn at junior high, and high school ,and we had to make some haiku as a homework.

In foreign languages, there exist no rules in how to write Haiku, I guess. Some people have idea of how to write, but other people have different idea.
Since I have just checked some website-only in English-many of them are consist of 3lines but not all. Maybe the style of 3lines is standard, although, I don't know any other languages.

I made one...

Need my coat
Miss the sunshine
Feel the winter

Thank you :D

Friday, November 18, 2005


Today is 77th birthday of him. Guess who is he?

The answer is Mickey Mouse.
You know, Walt Disney created that character.
I like Disney pretty much. When I was a university student, I used to work at Tokyo Disney land as a part time job. At that time I worked as a server in the restaurant. Everyday everyday so many people came to the park all over the Japan. But Mickey's birthday is not usual. On 18th of Novemver the people who are addicted Disney or Mickey Mouse came to the park with their expensive cameras. They are so crazy about him. Today I am sure many people have been to Disney land.

Some of my friends are big fan of Disney. They know about movie, park, everything a lot.
They spend money and time so much. One of them said to me if there had been Walt Disney, her life must have been different. I like Disney, but not so much. I am a little bit jealousy, because I don't have something which I can be crazy like them.

Well, I think Mickey Mouse is like a kind of an American symbol. Now I can't imagine U.S.A without Mickey.
I wonder Hello Kitty is a Japanese symbol. Could be, could be :)

Thursday, November 17, 2005


Do you know the word “Mottainai”?

This is the word which shows the concept of recycle and reuse in Japanese.
For example, when I was eating if I left food which we couldn't eat, my parents would say “Mottainai! Farmers are growing rice with great effort. Or when I was talking with my friends if we wasted something which we could still use ,we would say” Ghost of mottainai is coming.”

There is no exactly same word in English. (Maybe like "What's waste!!") But nowadays the word”Mottainai” is getting used international. Because Nobel Prize-winning Wangari Maathai who is the environmentalist from Kenya has introduced the word to the U.N.

It might be difficult ,if you can, remember the word "Mottainai". It is very useful word!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Today I ate Ramen. It is noodle originally from China. Now it is very popular in Japan, there are so many kind of soup. My favorite soup which is called Tonkotsu is made from pork bone. It is so yummy.

There are so many Tonkotsu Ramen restaurants. I went to one of them, which has very strange style to serve. Their motto is to eat so delicious, you shouldn’t care your face while you are eating. If you go inside the restaurant, you will see the counter with partition like a polling place. Sitting on the chair, you have to fill a form to order how thick the taste , how hard the noodle, which kind of the leek , how much garlic ,and so on. After Ramen comes, the small curtain in front you is closed. There is a water tap in your parted space, so if you want more water , you don't have to ask the server. Even if you go with someone, your face isn’t looked by anybody when you are eating.

Isn’t interesting style?Anyway the Ramen was soooo delicious!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Happy wedding!!!

Today we had a very happy happy wedding in Japan.

The youngest and only a daughter of Royal family -former princess- has just got married. She got married with the man who is the officer of Tokyo Metropolis, and became a citizen like us. She lost privilege as a Royal Family and got some right to be a citizen, like the suffrage.

I absolutely can't imagine the person who was a member of royal family have to live a life like us -needless to say it not totally same as us. She is going to live in the apartment which has only 1 bedroom, living room, and kitchen.

As for Royal family, there are so many opinions, because of the money they are spending is coming from our tax. But I think, at the same time, we can get some happily news from them. We have terrible news everyday like murder or economic. Such a time it's great to hear something good news.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Dr. Nakamatsu

Dr.Nakamatsu is an very famous inventor who invented a lot of things like Floppy Disk. I think ,I don't know why but ,he is more admired by people in foreign contries than in Japan. Actually he got many awards in overseas.

The other day he got another award of his reserch of food. He has been taking pictures what he ate for 35years. More than 12000 pictures. Recently some people like to take pictures what they ate to upload on their blogs. As you know(maybe?), I like, too. Especially when I go traveling abroad, I always take pictures of food. But he did more than 35years!!! According to his reserch for long time , people have a possibilityto be alive until 144years old. It is good for your health to have a meal one day. For me it is impossible....

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Osechi -Japanese New year's food

"Osechi" is Japanese New Year's food, we prepare at home at the end of December,and we eat New Year's day. But it is takes a time to make all, nowdays many people prefer to order and buy at shops like department store, supermarket. This year they alerady started resavation.
They have variety of "Osechi", you can choose it. We never bought in our house, my mother always make it.

Well, today I read an article that they are selling "Osechi " for their dog. Actually they had before. But this time they made "Osechi" costed 50000yen (about$450).Tooo expensive! I can't believe it. Who gonna buy it!!!!

Saturday, November 12, 2005

shoe cream??????

As I have a plenty time today, I baked one kind of cake. They are called "chou a la creme" in French. "Chou" is "cabbege" , the shape is similar to cabbege, that's why they was named.

But we call them "syu cream" in Japan. We have to be careful, if we go to U.S.A. Because the pronunciation is exactly same as "shoe cream".

Foods from foreign countries

green tea with sugar and milk
soy sause with lemon
rice with lemon
sushi with cream cheese

These are some foods I found in other countries.
Ummmm, I can't imagine green tea with sugar.
When I travel abroad, I sometimes go to Japanese restaurant.
But most of time I feel something difference, although I did like them.

The other day, I watched one TV show.
One Japanese man went to Europe and then opened a Japanese restaurant. But at first Only few people came to eat. Later he got advice from local people. He changed the taste a little ,which made his restaurant popular.

We can eat many kinds of foods from all over the world without going there. Although, I just guess, some of them are changed taste to be liked by our tongue.

If so, what I am eating here in Japan is maybe sometimes differnt from originals...
Maybe, maybe, maybe..

It can't help it, to success as a restaurant.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Autumnal colors

Here in Japan we have four seasons which are characteristic, now it is Autumn. What is character in Autumn? I think the color. The leaves of many kinds of tree are turning red or yellow. We call it "Koyo".
A lot of people go to parks or mountains to enjoy seeing the hermony and contrast of the colors.

The other day I went to see koyo. This is the picture. It is nice, isn't it? According to the newspaper, the peak of the colors is going to be at this week end. I hope it will be fine weather then.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Lunch boxes to go

Lunch boxes to go are called ”obento”. Many people bring obento from home or buy at some shops for lunch. There are many shops they sell only "obento". Sometimes I use those kind of store. It is not expensive.

The lunch box of this picture is a menu called “ chicken nunban(fried chicken with marinaded by sweet veneger and mayonese sause , included rice)”, and it costs 460yen(about4$). When I went to forign country, I was always missing those kind of shops!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

New year's greeting cards

Well, today I went to the post office to pick up postcrds for new year. We send new year's card each other on January 1st insted of Christmas cards. It is called "Nengajo". They have started selling postcards from November 1st. It is time to have to think about new year's greeting. Time flies.

Before we had to write cards one by one, but recently many people have a computer at their home, it is much easier to write many cards. But the amount of new years card was getting decrease. Needless to say, many people send greeting cards by web mail.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Pork ginger

Today's dinner was pork ginger(butaniku no syougayaki).
It is so easy to cook, and yummy.

Wanna try???

King Kazu

Kazuyoshi Miura is a famous soccer player called "king kazu" in Japan.
He went to brasil at the age of 16 by himself. Before we have a pro soccer league, he was like a pionner as a playher. But to him pity, he haven't been able to play at world cup final, but he is still playing.

He is now 38years old. Many player used to play with him have already retired. He is keep playing. The other day it was a last game for him at J-league. He deicided to join in anoter team in Sydney. He has left for Australia. Now many people are encoraged be his play. Maybe so am I.

Monday, November 07, 2005

one day tour with a dog

Today I heard a interesting news.
One travel agency made one day tour with a dog (pet).
The owners and their dogs took a bus, after they arrived park, they ate lunch, then the professionable dog trainer taught some skill to have a dog.

Here in Japan , I guess there are no public trains or buses except a guide dog. So everyone who joined the tour looked so happy. The cost of the tour is 12000yen(about $100) for one person and a dog included a lunch.

They said it is first tour like that. I worry about the smell of the dogs, although I like dogs so much.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Nodo Jiman

Today I would go to the city festival, but it was so rainy that I have decided to stay at home.

My parents are always watching "Nodo Jiman" on Sunday noon. "Nodo Jiman" is popular TV show and an amarteur singer contest by NHK on every Sunday. Usually it is broadcasted live and from across Japan. Each week they visits a diffarent city or town, they held an audition. As it is a very popular TV show, you can watch this program from all over the world by satellite TV. I could watch it in U.S.A.

I don't wacth it so often. But I really enjoyed today, because NHK held this sometimes in overseas, and it was from Mexico today. They showed some Mexican culture like food, music , dance. There are many Mexicans who study Japanese, and Japanese who live there.

Until 2years ago, I didn't know much about Mexico. But after I got some friends from Mexico,I have been interested their culture, and I travelled Mexico for 2weeks. Today's "Nodo Jiman" remainded me of that trip. If I have a chance, I want to go there again.

Saturday, November 05, 2005


Today' s dinner was Sukiyaki.
It is one of typical Japanese dishes.

Ingredients (beef, tofu, shirataki noodles, leeks, vegitables, mushrooms) are tasted with soy souce , sugar, sake, mirin(sweet cooking sake) in one pot.

You might know the name of this dish by the title of a song by Kyu Sakamoto. I don' t know why the song was named "Sukiyaki" in English. Because originally the title of this song means like "Let' s walk with looking at top " in Japanese.

Friday, November 04, 2005


Today I got up early to watch sumo, but not a sumo match, I went to watch the morning exercises. They came to my town for the Fuyubasyo (November tournament). It has not started yet but they already came here to prepare for it. They have 6 big tournaments a year. Usually they do early morning exercises. After that they have breakfast. They have a special dish called Cyanko. Now we can eat that at some restaurants which are managed by ex-sumo wrestlers. Well, sumo is a traditional sport in Japan. It is a match fought by 2 wrestlers in a Dohyo (sumo ring). They have many rules called Shikitari. Sumo wrestler put on only a silken loincloth called Mawashi, and their hair style, called Mage, is old fashioned.

These years sumo is getting popular overseas. They held a tournament in Las Vegas last month and the number of wrestlers from foreign countries is increasing little by little. They are so strong. Some old people think it is not nice if only wrestlers from overseas can be the strongest wrestlers called Yokozuna , because sumo is a national sport in Japan.

This morning I saw about 10 sumo wrestlers and 3 coaches. One of the coaches was a Yokozuna. They are so big. I saw one wrestler from Russia. He seemed to understand it well. For us the world of sumo is tough. I can’t imagine how hard it was for him to get used to it.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Cultural day

Today is Cultural day, and national holiday.
We have many events today. At some place like museum, it is free to enter. Some schools are holding school festivals.

Well, it is said that it tends to be good weather on cultural day. Today, too. We have nice day. That's why many people have a wedding celemony on this day.

I want to go some place somewhere cultural. So last night I checked Web, but I couldn' t find a good place to go near my house. Because my house is in countryside. To tell the truth, not small town, we have a million population, but don't have special character.

But from tomorrow we have a pretty big festival in my town , I will go to enjoy it !

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


One of my friends got a cat the other day. I saw te picture of cat on her blog. He(the cat) is so cute. He has white fur. I never have a cat in my house. We had a dog before. He died about 10years ago. Since then we don't have any animal as a pet. Because we were so sorry when he died. But nowadays we are thinking have a pet-maybe a dog. As my parents have retired already, they have plenty time to take care it. I heard before , the animals is sometimes used as an animal thrapy to cure old people etc . We are still not sure we gonna have or not. I hope we can.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Talking in my sleep!

When my freinds come to my place to stay at night, or I go to travel with my friends, they almost always said tome "Last night you were talking when you were sleeping." As they said, it was so clearly that they could imagine what I was dreaming about.

Yesterday my brather came to here for his work, he was talikng in his sleep just like me , I guess. It sounded that hewas working hard. Because he said something like this -"Thank you for your help."

Some of my friends said I talked too much. Sometimes I said impression , thought and regret of that day.

I know , I know, but I was unconscious. I can't help it. Maybe I can't have secrets.

Monday, October 31, 2005

What's Podcasting?

Do you know the word "Podcasting"?
Using an ipod, we can downroad not only music but also netradio. And as far as netradio concerned, we can use almost free. It sounds so useful to staudy English. Usually we start to learn English when we enter junior higi school. So many people including me have learn since then, so long time. But most people is poor at listening and speaking English. Because , we don' have so much time to use it. But if I do podcasting , it going to be easier to make situations to improve it.Now I don't have ipod , I want it.

Getting colder.

Recently it is getting colder. especially on morning and at night.
It is easy for me to catch a cold when I feel a big difference that it is warm and cold a day. I have to be careful. And when it is cold, always gonna be harder to get up early. I feel winter is coming soon. I have to ready for it.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Takeshi Kitano

Last night I watched TV program that focused on Takishi Kitano.
He is well known as a movie director in other countries. But for me, he is an ultimate comedian. When I was a kid, I was looking forward to watching his program. He was so talented and smart that I couldn't stop laughing. I know now he is very very popular as a movie director. And I love his movie. Sometimes I can have sympathy. But he still has some TV program here. He likes to disguise himself funny. I feel some gap or difference between comedian and director. They have interview of him next week. I want to watch it.  

Saturday, October 29, 2005

24-twenty four-

Now I am watching "24-twenty four -season3 ". Before some of my friends recommended to watch this drama series. When I started watching season1, I couldn't stop watchind. Since I rented videos. As soon as I watched all of videos I rented, I went to video shops again to watch again. During I was watching, even I couldn't sleep well. I really wanted to keep watching until the end. The actors are very good. Everyone plays excellent. I am gonna have some days that I can't sleep well.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Blog Blog Blog

These years a number of people have started writing own blog. So do I.
I read one article in newspaper that says many people who have a blog addicted to post new sentenses or comment. When he or she gets a comment from unknown person, he or she reacts so quickly. I can understand his or her feeling. I have anoter blog besides this one. It is written in Japanese, so it is much easier for me to express my thought, idea, and feeling. As many of my friends know that blog, I can get more comments than this one. This one is written in English. It is much harder for me to keep writing. So that's why I am really happy when I get a comment. I wish I could write more naturally that I can get more commnets.

Thursday, October 27, 2005


Today I ate Harumaki (Spring roll).

It is Chinise dish. Even though some people think it for Japanese.
When I was working at Japanese restaurant, some people asked that.

It was so tasty.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Japanese cartoon

Many Japanese cartton was exported. It is a little bit weird for me to watch japanese cartoon in English or another language. But it sometimes help me to communicate with people from other countries. Some of them really like Japanese cartton. They can draw, sometimes can sing very well in Japanese, even they don't know meaning of ryric. As for me when I was a kid , I used to watch "Tom and Jerry ." At that time I imagined life in foreign country. Big house, big kitchen etc. Everything is big , I imagined.Maybe many people is imaging life in Japan when they are watching TV. I want to know how they think .

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Originally we don't have Halloween in Japan. But these year it is getting popular than before. You can find some place where party will be hold. You can buy Halloween costume and decolation easily. This year I don't have any idea to go to party. But last year I really enjoyed. I went to Halloween event at Magic Kingdam ,WDW. It was so fun. I saw many people put on costume. I felt Halloween in U.S.A is totally diffrent. I hope we will have Halloween like there in Japan.

Monday, October 24, 2005

dialect and standard

Since my hometown is far from Tokyo, the people living here is speaking with dialect. When I entered university in Tokyo, I was afraid a little bit. Because I knew I had different accent. My friend in Tokyo used to pointed out my accent. So now I can speak standard Japanese very fluently. (^v^)

Recently especailly among young girls , they like to speak with dialect. I don't know why. But they think it is much cutier.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

making dried persimmon

Yesterday we got many persimmons. Persimmons can be divided from 2types. One is sweet, we can eat after just peering. The other is astringent. As we got astingent persimmons, we had to dried ones to eat.
In Japan we can see dried persimmon at Autumn especially in country side.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Instant Cup Noodle

These are Instant Cup Noodles. I don't know the tlanslation of English is correct or not. You know , just pouring boiled water and waiting 3minites, ready to eat. When I was kids, I don' t like very much, because I felt eating chemical stuff a bit . But recently taste is very different .So tasty. I prefer one kind of noodle called Tonkotsu ra-men. There are many kind of Tonkotsu ra-men, each of them has original taste, and I can be satisfied enough.

I remember Instant Cup Noodles was born in Japan, maybe about30 years or somthing ago. The effors of company is great.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Harricane Wilma

I've just heard new Harricane coming to Florida.
As I have some friends there. I am worrying about them. I went to Cancun and Cozumel as a tourist. They were so beautiful place.
Last summer when I was there , the Harricane came a few times. At that time we have got a curfew to stay at our apartment. But we didn't get damage. But this time it is supposed to be bigger than last year. I hope it is not going to be bad like Katorina.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Korean Actors

These years Korean Drama is very very popular among women. At first Korean Drama "Fuyu no sonota(Sonata of Winter )" was broadcasted by NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation). After starting broadcasting, Bae, Yong Joon who played a main character at that drama was getting very popular, especially middle aged women. Since we use "sama " as a prefix in very polite way , he is called "Yong -sama " in Japan. Before the stars from overseas were for young people. But Most "Yong-sama" fan are middle aged or old aged women. Many fan went to Korea to join in the event. After that many Korean drama were broadcasted. Now many Korean actors and actresses are sometimes coming to Japan. Four of them are so popular and good looking that they are called "Shitennou (Four Kings)".

I like Won Bin- one of "Shitennou". He was in the Drama called "Friends"which is the first dorama made by Korea and Japan in 2002. The story of "Friends" is a love story between Korean guy and Japanese girl . After that I have seen some of his film and drama. I think he is not only a handsome guy but also good actor who can express himself. I have got a pity news today. He decided to serve in army from next mouth for about 2years. Although I knew about this , I feel it is going to be real. I don't know much about military conscription. Only I can do is waiting his coming back.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Today I heard the news about plagiarism. It was a little bit of shock for me.One cartoonist admitted to plagiarizing some sceans of her works from very popular cartoon called "Slam Dunk". I think she is also quite popular. I liked her work "Eden no Hana”. When I was a student, I used to read it. The publishing company decided to stop printing it and recall all her works, including "Eden no hana".

So this afternoon I went to used bookshop where we can read cartoons without buying them. I read some of her work. I won't buy them, but it is pity that I will not be able to read them again. Of course plagiarism is not good. But she apologized. It is hard for me to discuss about moral, but when I was reading, I was touched. That is true. Just a pity. Although , it can't help.

I have just remembered that a few years ago a singer who had been a member of pop group plagiarize some lyrics. So she withdrew from attending Kouhaku-Utagassen which is most popular music program on new year's eve.

I felt it so hard as an artist to make something, and sell it.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Recently in Japan it is said that SNS(social network service) is getting popular. It was born in U.S.A. Only the people who got invitation can join the SNS. That's why they show real name, they might find old friends or they might be able to get new friends from commnity.

Today I read web news that is about one community. It is for the people who has RH-blood. Only a few percentage of people has that blood. They have same problem and never talked those problem with others who has same type of blood.

Actually I joined some SNS. But for me I am mainly using one, I don't know why.
And I have never seen the person whom I knew by SNS. But I got some good information from the community. The other day as I mentioned I got tickets of my favorite artist . I think I could'nt get the tickets without some information from SNS. It was so useful at that time.

Before I read one article about 'soul mate' in U.S.A. With a promise which they won't see in the future , they send mailseach other-sometimes they might confess their secret.

I wonder how they get idea like these things.
It is useful, but how to use is gonna be more responsible for everyone, I think.

Monday, October 17, 2005


The game I wrote couple hours ago has just finished now.
Hawks lost.
It is so pity. Because Hawks finished regular season by 1st.
It was too hard to watch at the end.
I don't have anything to say.
Just sigh.

Big game!!!

Now we have a big baseball game that is Fukuoka softbank Hawks versus Chiba Lotte Marines.
The winner will be the league champion of Pacific league .
Since last year they started 'playoff system' to dicide it after regular season finished.
Today's game is 5th game , it means the last gme , at last.
The winner of tonight will play with Hanshin Tiger that is the champion of Central League.

I am fan of Hawks . Especially I like Munenori Kawasaki.
He is good player and handsome guy. The other day they won thanks to him.
I am watching TV right now. So far the game is like a seesaw game .
Feel so nervous.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Roy Keane

For me Roy Keane is one of most favorite football player in overseas.
In2002 he didn't show up world cup final in Japan because of a row with then manager Mick McCarthy.
Afer this he published his autobiography''Keane".
At that time he had the event for fan in Cork where is his hometown. There fortunately I could get his autography , because I was in Cork, Ireland.
I was sooooo happy to see him, shake hands with him.

According to Web news,Roy Keane retired from international .
After team of Ireland fail to go World cup final.
He had always said he would retire after the 2006 World Cup finals in germany or if Ireland failed to qualify.

It was so disapointed that Ireland can't play in Germany.
In Japan they did really good play in 2002.
They never lost. I mean they play untill the end.
I wish I could see ireland including Roy Keane in Germany.
It is pity to he is retired.

I want to say "Thank you"to him.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Miffy ...and bread

These are 4 pckages of bread.

I prefer rice to bread at morning, even though it takes longer to prepare breakfast. But recently I am eating bread almost everymorning.
Because I want to get a blanket of Miffy.

One company has been holding the campaign that we can get a blanket if we buy 15packeges of bread. I am eating bread everyday.

Miffy is very popular here as well as Kitty or Mickey Mouse.
She was a rabbit drown by Dick Bruna.

I remember when she was imported first time , we call her "Usako-chan".
Usagi means rabbit, ko means child - we often use " ko " at the end of girl's name-, chan is like mr.or miss for girls. But now they called her Miffy .

I don't know how popular she is in overseas.
Here so many kind of characters are created. We love such a thing so much.

Friday, October 14, 2005

In our garden.

This morning I felt smell of Kinmokusei(a fragrant olive ) in our garden. There is a tree in our house. Not only here but also the neighborhood especiially in this season. It let me feel that it is already autumn. Because here in Japan , we have 4 seasons that each has own climate and flowers .
In winter, it is very cold, and sometimes snows. In spring we can see cherry blossoms of full‐blown. And we have very hot and humid summer. In Autumn we can see very beautiful red or yellow leaves .

But in our garden there is Himawari(Sun flower) , too. It is should be in summer. It the beginning of this summer we didn't have enough rain to grow as usual .

To see these 2 kind of flowers at same time is a little strange feeling.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

lovely bone

Recently I am reading this book "lovely bone".
Some of you maybe know about this book especially in U.S.A.
It was published a few years ago, I guess. And it is best seller. I bought this book, maybe 1year ago. But I was busy or lazy??? , hahaha, I couldn' t finish it up before.(To be honest , reading in English books is tough for me.)

But nowadays I have a time ,so now I am tring again.

The story is that the girl whose name is susie was raped by the man loving nearby. After she went to heaven, she is keep watching her family.

It is tanslated in Japanese, too. After finish reading, I will read in Japanese, too.
because some experession in Japanese make me understood easily.


The other day I saw "AIBO".
It is first experience to communicate with AIBO.
I know some ability of them by tv.
But I was surprised at them, when I touched for the first time.
They don't have fur, but the way of their moving made me take them for real animal.

I like dogs very much, and I had a dog before. But he died about 10 years ago.
I really want to have a dog again. But right now it is difficult to keep the dog for me.

When I was playing with AIBO, they reacted.They can understand some words. Their tail is waving.They was so cute. They are just like dog .But they are not just like real dog.
They have special ability that they can take photos , write their diary and send it to owner.

According to official web site, it has already 6years passed after they showed up .
When I heard the news of AIBO. I felt it is too expensive. Who gonna buy?? I thought.
But now I can understand to do. Anyway it is still tooooooooo expensive for me to buy.