Friday, September 07, 2007

Dojo ....

Sometimes many people in Europe or America doesn't care for eating what Japanese (or Asians prpbably) like to eat.
For example, Sushi. Yes I know . Sushi became already a kind of famous international food, although still many people might refuse to try that.
Maybe Unagi(eel) less popular than Sushinbut still known to many people. I know eel souceis popular/

Well, how about Loaches (Oriental weatherfish)? We call them "Dojou(or Dozeu)" in Japanese.
There is one long river (acctually second longest) called "Tonegawa" Kanto region where is the easy place to catch Loaches So that's why since long time ago many people prefer to eat Dojou( Loaches) near Tokyo.

Yesterday I went to one famous Dojou( Loaches) dining place which has more than 200years history in Asakusa- downtown area in Tokyo. The building is old enough to imagine an old period ,and atomosphere is nice. It was first time to have Dojou(Loaches) for me.I was satisfied the taste more than I imagined ,because I was afraid of the appearance. So soft that I could eat up bone, too. If you don't mind fish, I think it's worth trying. Well, Dojou has aboundant of collagen ,calcium and vitamin.

Dojou pot tasted soysause

Fried Dojou

Besides Dojou, they serve whales dish, too. I know many countries are against whaling . But the people roughly over 25years old had been provided whales dishes as a school lunch in Japan. So we know taste. Really delicious.

If you have a concern, try Dojou and whales wih Japanese Sake!!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Czech experience.

Probabley you know , I like to travel , but unfortunately at present I am not able to take long vacation to go many contries. The easiest way to soak up the atmosphere to be in another country is to go to the restaurants. Tokyo is a very convenient city, really!, I mean , there are so many things to do, places to enjoy,and restaurants to eat..

The other day I went the Czech cuisine restaurant with my co-workers. Because we had a Czech trainee for last 2months. So it was very good time for me to try Czech cuisine for the first time. (Actually that country is one of the place which I wanted to go!)To my surprise, there is only one Czech cuisine restaurant in Tokyo, and only three in Japan.

Do you know "Budwiser" is not originally from U.S? It was from Czech!! Taste was more heavier than one I knew. In the ranking of per-capita beer consumption, the Czech Republic won first place for the 12th straight year. Wow, they drink beer a lot, aren't they?? I thought it is England ot Ireland.

Brambarak is like a pancake made of potates. I thought like Japanes Okonomiyaki or Korean pancake. It is a kind of home cooking the mom make.

This is a kind of Czech style stew called "Gulasch" in German and "goulash" in English. I ate with beef style of that with dumplimgs called "Knedlíky"  The stew was so tasty. I guess almost all Japanese people like this tasta, it is not too strong but have thick taste.

It is fun to try to eat different food. I really wanna have a oppotunity to go and eat real Czech food!

GOCHISOUSAMA (Thank you for the meal!)