Friday, September 30, 2005

TAKOYAKI (baked octopus)

Tako means "otopus".
Yaki means"bake".
The shape of takoyaki is round like a ball.
It is popular in Kansai region, but you can get in other parts Japan, too.

It is mainly made of batter and octopus , topped with sause , aonori ,katuo bonito,and mayonaise as you like . It can easily be made at home. It is said that there is equipment at home in Kansai region. Today I ate frozen type. Just using microwave, it is ready.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Ranch dressing

Something you can find in U.S.A, but you can't find so easily in Japan.
For me that is "Ranch dressing."
It is creamy, but not too srong.
All my friends liked it , too !!!

I like cobb salad with Ranch dressing.
with tomato, avokado, cheese, corn.....oh yummy.

When I went in U.S.A, I always asked Ranch dressing in a restaurant.
When I come back from U.S.A. to Japan, I bought some to take my house.
Well, let me see , we have Japanese dressing like sesami .

I hope it is going to be popular in Japan, too!!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

"Cinderella Man"

Today I went to cinema to watch the movie " Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ."
But when we arrived there, it had already started.
So we changed to watch "Cinderella Man."

To be honest ,I don' t like combative sports like boxing.
Especially I don't want to see someone fighting.
Even though it has a lot of fighting scenes, I like this movie.
The story is simple, it is actually real story,
The main character which was played by Russel Crowe had never given up his dream for his family.He said something like that second chance was usually given, fortunately he got , he has to thank it .
Russel Crowe was great actor.
The kids were so cute.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


"Shima-uta" was very pupular about12 years ago.
When the members of the BOOM went to Okinawa prefecture which is small island in southen part of Japan , they were so fascinated by Okinawa culture such as song ,dance, dialect ,and so on, that they wrote this song.
Not only in Japan but also in other countries especially in Latin America, it was going to so popular. Because many singer coverd sometimes in Japanese, sometimes in their language.
I have just checked. in Cuba, Mexico ,Argentina ,China , Poland, Russia etc...
If you have some interest, please check it .

Tonight I listened to "Shima-uta" after a while. Because the vocalist (Kazufumi Miyazawa) was on TV . It reminded me of the days when the song was very popular.

I have never been to Okinawa. I must go.
Listening this song in Okinawa must be different.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Expo 2005 Aichi Japan

Today is last day of Expo in Aich, Japan.
I wanted to go, I was planning...but at last I couldn't...
I was interested it , espcially pavilions from the world.
It sounds like EPCOT inWDW.
I wanna eat food from Asia. Must be feeling like going to another country.

They says it was so successful , because attendance was so high.
Many people went several times.
I heard one middle aged woman went to expo every day! 185 days!
She took more than 20000 pictures . Oh my god ! unbelieavable.
And some people was waiting for the gate open the previous day. I think many of Japanese does'nt mind waiting time .
(But my father is an exception. He doesn't llike crowd. He rarely goes such a place.)
As far as I remember, I can't remember the big event like expo was so successful these days.
Economical effects are big!
I wonder why it was so successful.
Of course , quality was excellent , I guess.

In my hometow the event of flowers is holding right now.
It is quite big event -but much much smaller than expo.
You can see "blue roses" for the first time.
Hopefully it is going to success. even though I think Iam not going to..

Saturday, September 24, 2005


Sushi is one of the my favorite food.
Today my brother's family(my brother , sister in law and nephew) came to our house.
My mother had been thinking about tonight dinner for a while.
At last she decided to buy Sushi.
It Is nice idea!!! I love sushi.

When I went to foreign contry , I always missed Sushi.
We can get almost all Japanese food in a market, if you don't mind the price.
But it is quite difficult to get raw fish.
So usually I used avocado or smork salmon for sushi, sometimes creemcheese, too.
Before I never tried sushi with CREEMCHEESE. I think Mexican people loves it so much. I want to say loudly "We don't have those kind of sushi in Japan."
Ha,ha,ha. But it is Ok . It is tasty acutually.

Friday, September 23, 2005

against enthusiastic people

It is often said that the Japanese is calm. Especially, compared with football fans in Europe. But I think that the Hanshin Tigers fans are an exception.

The Hanshin Tigers is professinal baseball team in Japan.
The Hanshin Tigers fans live mainly in Kansai district, are very excited and are very enthusiastic.

In 2003 the Hanshin Tigers won after 18 years.
At that time more than 5000 fans dived dirty river which called "doutonbori ."
It is not allowed to dive that river, because it is not deep enough.
Some people injured, one person died .

It is certain that the Hanshin Tigers will get league title this year.

Today I found an interesting article that says the 3 meter high fence was set not to dive.
What are the fans doing ????

Densya Otoko ( Train man )

"Densya Otoko ( Train man )" is now one of the most popular stories in Japan.
It originally based on a true story that posted on website-2channel messege board .

He was 22years old, had never had a girl friend before, and he is so-called Otaku who likes anime so much . So he didn't know how to ask date and where to eat, when he had been interested in beautiful lady whom he saved from the drunk man on the train.

After he posted, he got advise from the otaku people from all over the Japan. He got encouragement as well.
At last he could tell the lady his true feeling. Then they love each other.

The book of this story was published.
The movie , the TV drama show , the play- every thing was successful.

Tonight the TV drama show was last episode.
Of course -Happy End!
Even though I know the story already, I was impressed.

When the word "Otaku"was used for the first time , it had only negative image.
The person who has only interests about anime, computer , doesn't go outside so often, go to Akihabara town where is very famous as a electrical town, is not good at commnication with other people ,although he might have plenty of knowledge.

But I think it is getting better. Now it sounds like one kind of culture....

I want to show this movie or drama show the people from other countries.
But it it unplesent if they belive that is typical japanese....


Thursday, September 22, 2005


Have you taste the green tea icecream?

This is the green tea icecreem whose name is "Meiji Essell Supercup."

According to web site of the company, they made new word- "Essell" which came from "Essential" and "Excellnt".

We have some kind of green tea icecream in Japan, you can find easily in convinence stores or in supermakets.
Haagen-daz also have black sesame icecrem as well as green tea icecream.
I guess these products are sold only in Japan or Asia. But I have never found Baileys icecream here in Japan. But I know they are sold in U.S.A or Europe. I miss Baileys...

NEW CD by Mr.children "I ♥ you"

Today I bought new CD .
It is brandnew CD by Mr.children.
The title is "I ♥ you ".
Actually they are my most favorite group. Their songs are very impressive.
The voice of vocalist is always touching, when I listen their song. And the words are also very good, I mean they are so natural. If you close your eyes, you can imagine the situation where the song is singed. So far, the best songof this album for me is"sign."which was used as a commercial song.

Here is one phrase...
君がみせる仕草 僕に向けられてるサイン 
もう何ひとつ見落とさない そんなことを考えている

"the gestures you show me. the sign turn to me. Nothing has been overlooked any longer. I think about such a thing. "

I like English songs as well as Japanese songs.
But after all, because it is possible to sympathize sincerely, Japanese lyrics are good.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

the first day

This is the first day to write this blog.
To be honest , I don't have confidence to keep writing it .
Because I have never kept the diary. Even in Japanese.
But just try it.