Thursday, March 26, 2009


If you read this blog for a long time, you maybe know, two years ago I participated in Tokyo Marathon 2007. Well, it was the first Marathon that Tokyo had for everybody.

Big cities like London, NYC have the big marathon event with long history, but Tokyo didn't have, although have the race for the top athletes.

Then the governor of the Metropolis of Tokyo had proposed having one in Tokyo. It was a good surprising and I was so lucky that I drew a lot.At Tokyo Marathon 2007 only one -third people could run.

And then, last year at Tokyo Marathon 2008 I couldn't get space for me. Nowadays running is just like the fashion in Tokyo. At that time it was more than 5 times people applied.

With regard to this year, can you imagine??? According to the official website, as follows...

State of the number of applicants: Total 261,981 (68% to past race)
State of the number of participants: 35,000 (7.5 times: ratio of applicants to participants)

Well, how much people like marathon?
It seems impossible to run any more, doesn't it???

So, I gave up, and didn't run whole the summer, fall...
One day in November I got a mail that I can participate...

How lucky I am !!

As for my friends, only I could get a lottery.
Last Sunday was the day of the Tokyo Marathon 2009.

Friday, March 06, 2009

おくりびと okuribito (departure)

As I wrote a few days ago, I watched the movie "おくりびとokuribito(departure)". It was nice movie, I feel the necessity to think about the death. I agree the judgement of the Academy, hahaha . But i wonder non-Japanese people can understand deeply.

The following I will mention about story of the movie , so if you don't want to know it , please don't read any more.

I really don't know about the other culture about the death and the ways of funerals. Besides, I also don't know so much in Japan. I just have a few experience for far. But still I know some stuff. We have a kind of social customs that we detest "death ". For example, we make purify our body with salt (acutually we poring a few pinch of salt to our self ) after we come back from a crematory. It's very common.

Well, I know another example that I haven't seen yet. When we carry out the casket from the house of the deceased, broke his/her rice bowl in front of the house.

That's why the man was trying to hide his new job, and after the wife knew it, she wanted him to quite it. This is the most importante part of the
movie, I think.