Thursday, May 25, 2006

For summer

Recently I feel summer is coming soon. I can see many magazines which features on summer events like fireworks festivals.(They are so many, really great.) I found many ad of Yukata(informal kimono.) I have my own , but I found very cheep one , I always want new color. With wering yukata , to go to fireworks festivals is very typical Japanese summer.

I saw many new designed swimsuits in the departments store.

And I found many snack tasted ice shavings like this kitkat!

I didn't try them yet, because it is brandnew taste which is named "Ujikintoki milk flovour". Uji is a kind of Macha, and kintoki is sweet beans paste. It is Japanese taste , I want to know how my American kitkat freak friend think it.

In fact I don't like hot hot hot, but in summer we have many chance to enjoy that.
(although I hate mosquitos!!!)

rain and rice

It was so lovely day today! Something weird this year. Because usually May is good weather. But after Golden week, it has been bad wether, I mean , rainy and cloudy , excpet a few days like today.We have a rainy season from middle of June to July normally. But I feel it has already "Tsuyu(rainy season)" came. Sometimes so humid!!

According the TV news, the hours of daylight is much less than usual, so it may cause failure in the crop like rice.Actually the price if vegitable is getting high, and We have to worry about rice. When I was a high school student, Rice was scanty harvest one year. The price of rice was getting higher, in many place like school they use rice from Thailand. It didn't last long. But rice is the most important food for us, and only food we can do self-supporting. I hope this weird weather stop soooon!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

wedding +kimono

I am invited my friend's wedding party next week. I am so happy, but I have to prepare many things, I am a bit busy right now. On Jamuary I attended another friensd's wedding, so I already wrote something about Japanese wedding.

As follows,


more about wedding

Well, I am thinking to dress Japanese kimono this time, I didn't decided yet , but maybe maybe.... So I will write some about kimono and japanese wedding from now on.

Fitst of all, putting on kimono is not easy, actually it is difficult. To my pity,I can't do by myslf- although I can wear yukata which is informal one by my self. I think not many people can wear kimono by theirselves. There are some classs and schools which show us how to wear it, I want to learn some day. So if I decide to wear kimono on my friend's wedding party, I have to ask somebody to make it... and it is quite expensive depends on the place. I have just checked the price, in ceremony hall it costs 12600yen, and in hair salon it costs 8400-9500yen. Expensive,isn't it??? And If I put on kimono, it is better to put my hair up. If I ask it also , it would cost more. Anyway to attend wedding digs into my purse.

Monday, May 22, 2006


Needles to say , it is a famous novel.
I don't have to write the story on this blog, because everyone knows at least plot.

I have just finish reading the novel. At first I was trying to read in English, but the story is too complicated, and sometimes French words made me confuse, so I gave up English one , and change to Japanese one:).

I enjoyed reading, but somehow I couldn't understand... I think it is because of the value of religion. Many people have some problem like me in Japan, I guess. In foreign country when I am asked what is my religion, it is hard to answer always.

On new year's day I go to syrines, on chiristmas day I go to chapel, but we have one event which is called "hichi go san" in temple, many people have a wedding party in charch. I went to the Catholic kindergarten and Protestant university. But I am Not a christian. When I die someday, my family would have a Buddist style ceremony.

When I talk about religion with foreiner, I care always. Because I know for many people the religion is most part of their life. THE DA VINCI CODE is very interesting to me as a novel, but found difficult attitude of religion.

Tamago kake Gohan

I like to eat "Tamago kake gohan" as a breakfast. I was looking for the English word of "Tamago kake gohan". But it might be waste of time. Because many people won't accept it.

Tamago means egg in English.
Gohan means rice in English.
Kake is the short word of Kakeru which means baste in English.

Can you guess what is Tamago kake Gohan like?

I can say it is rice mixed with raw egg and soy sauce.
Like these pictures.

I know in many countries they don't have any custom to eat raw eggs. Actually when I was in another country, I never ever eat raw eggs.

But in Japan "Tamago kake gohan" has a long history , many fans and great power. According to the wikipedia, Mr. Kishida (1833-1905)who was a writerof army was the very first man ate it. There is a kind of soy sause only for it. Last yeat the symposium of it was held in Shimane prefecture. In Ryokan(Japanese style inn) it is often prepared for a part of breakfast.

Needless to say, salmonella are sometimes found in eggs, I can't recommend this way of eating on this blog, But just don't surprise if you see some Japanese eat "tamago kake gohan" in front of you in Japan!

Friday, May 12, 2006

about smoking

I don't smoke, I don't like the smell of the cigarette. So it is nothing with me, but I read an article of raising price of cigarettes on July. I think still much cheeper than in Europe, JT (Japan Tobacco) which have a monopoly to sell cigarettes have decided to reise the price all kinds about 10yen -30yen per box. It will be harder time for who love or are addicted to smorking.

When I was a kid, my father used to smoke a lot, and it is allowed to smoke anywhere. But since about 10years before, the place have been limited, some place have been prohibited smorking. For example, some place in Tokyo, walking with smorking ins prohibiting. Now my father had stopped smorking already for his health.

As I mentioned, even I don't like smell, especially in restaurants. Sometimes smell mekes taste bad. I know in Florida, Smorking in restaurants is prohibited. I wish we have same rule here.

one month to be excited

Just one months after, I mean , 12th of June, I am sure we will be so excited here in Japan because of FIFA world cup in germany. On that day we will have a match vs Austraria as s Japanese first match.

Recently I saw many place decorated by the national team uniforms , otherwise blue the color of the our uniform. I am not a BIG fan of football, but I like to watch the national team playing. These couple years, some Japanese player play in Europe, thanks to them, the level of Japan team is raising. In few days, the player who can go to Germany will be announced. Day by day we can have more and more information in the team. It must be a fun, on the other hand I feel always nerbous;)

Four years ago, as the time of World cup in korea, Japan was holding, much to my disapointed , I wasn't in Japan. So I couldn't watch enough on TV. That's why this time I want to enjoy cheering them.

Nakata -he is a very famous foot ball player who have been playing in europe for many years. I like him playing. but not only his play, but also his way of thinking is so cool. He have his web page which is translated in English, Chinise, and Korean.
To read his mail is fun, too.

Coming up world cup, I hope Japanese team will do their best. I can't wait!!!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Good idea.

In Japan there are soooo many automatic vending machine, actually everywhere. They are so useful. When I go to other country, I always feel we have so many, because it is not so easy to find one in overseas.

In Tohoku area, at one university, one unique vending machine was set. Usually in Japan the price of 350mm can juice is 110yen. When you buy the drink, the change can be collection for a charity by just only pushing one botton. you can select 10yen or 100yen to contribute. It is so good idea, isn't it???

tickets price in TDR

My short golden week have gone already,no more vacation.... no time to go somewhere. So I will show some recent news in Japan.

Yesterday I read about article of Tokyo Disney Resort(Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea). They are going to raise of price of entrance tickets in Autumn. I feel still a bit expensive present price.

1-Day Passport in TDR
Adult(ages 18 &over) ¥5,500 →¥5,800
Junior(ages 12-17) ¥4,800 →¥5,000
Child (ages 4-11) ¥3,700 →¥4,000

Compared with other park, it is a bit expensive. I like Disney land so much , but can't go so often, as I don't remember when I went to there last time. Not only tickets problem, but also the big crowd in TDR make me hesitate to go there. To take one attraction , waiting more than 1 hour is usual!!! But still I wanna go there , it is so contradicting honestly.

Tokyo Disney Resort

Monday, May 08, 2006


"Ramen" is noodle soup originally from China, but after coming to Japan. The taste of Ramen noodle has got changed. Now there are some kinds of Ramen in Japan. Those are classified by the bloth which is very diffferent depend on regions. Typical tastes are Miso(soy bean paste) ,Shio(Salt), Tonkotsu(Porkbone), and Syoyu(soy sauce).

Speaking of Japan Best3 Ramen, Sapporo ramen(in Hokkaido),Kitakata ramen(in Kitakata)and Hakata Ramen(in Fukuoka). I like Hakara ramen which is used Tonkotsu bloth. Because Fukuoka is my hometown, I grew up ,eating Tonkotsu ramen.
In Hakata Fukuoka , you can see many food stalls at night. They are called "Yatai " in Japanese. Fukuoka is well known to Yatai.They are small, maybe about 10people is maximam.But atomosphere is so good, you can feel at home .Yatai in fukuoka serve Ramen usually,and maybe Gyoza(chinise dumpling), Odenand this like.

The other day I went to Yatai, and ate Ramen and Gyoza. I show you some photos.

Japanese love Ramen so much, I think. Because there is a Ramen museum in Yokohama where I never been to. There are many books on Ramen shop which are described detail of Ramen. I know there are some men who are writing only Ramen-actually they are called ramen writer-,eating Ramen every day. Instant cup noodle was created by Japanese about 40years ago.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Full of Flowers

Yesterday I went to Kuju Flower Park in Oita prefecture. As you can see, I saw many many flowers. The pink ones are called "Shibazakura" in Japanese. I have just checked my dictionary, I guess "ground pinks" is the flower name in English. These are the very flowers I wanted to see so much. There is a park named Yozan park in Saitama prefecture next to Tokyo. Since I watched Shibazakura in Yozan park on TV , I really wantetd. The color of that pink made me attaracted!! I think Kuju Flower Park is smaller than Yozan Park. But still I was so satisfied:)Besides Shibazakura I saw many flowers like Tulips and snapdragons.

Kuju flowers park open spring to autumn in the high plains, Aso kuju national park which is surrounded full of nature, you can see many mountains, there are some cattle run farm, so you can taste fresh milk and icecream. I really enjoyed the time in that park, just to my pity, I didn't taste icecream.

Downroad the pamphlet of Kuju flower park

Friday, May 05, 2006

Sushi in the fish market

Today I woke up very early. For what? The answer is to eat sushi. I went to Karato fish market near Shimonoseki Station in Yamaguchi Prefecture. Look ,the picture of Sushi. "Neta(the slice of fish)" are so big, so beautiful because they are so fresh!

Early morning they are having fish auction sale, after a while they start to sell Sushi ,Sashimi, fried fish and this like. They pass the plastic plate, and you just pick what you want to eat.

Today is a national holiday (holiday for children), there were so many people. Many people include us sat in waterfront. Smelling the salt of ocean ,and eating so fresh sushi was so extaraordinary. Actually Shimonoseki is very famous for Fugu(Pufferfish)which is very expensive kind of fish in Japan. So I had Fugujiru(Pufferfish miso soup),too. The bloth of Fugu is so delicious.

Next month I am going to Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo. It must be so pleasure,too.

Shimonoseki Karato Fish Market (japanese only)

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Hakata Dontaku

These photos show "Hakata Dontaku Port Festival" which I went to see today. "Hakata" is the place name where in central Fukuoka, Northern Japan. The word "Dontaku" is original came from the word "zondag" that meand holiday in Dutch. This festival is taken place on May 3rd and 4th every year, it is one of the most biggest event during Goldenweek. Actually according TV news, it was said that more than 2 million people would be there.

There were so many people by the street to see the parade which about 400 groups(16000people)joined.

Hakata Dontaku

"Omiyage" in Tokyo -Haneda-Airport

Very big "Dorayaki(bean-jam pancake )"

Japanese pickeles.

Syumai (Chinese Dumpling) is very famous in Yokohama next to Tokyo
marron this sweets, there are so many kinds of sweets!

Kit Kat Tokyo Exotic Version

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


"Omiyage" is one of the Japanese culture. It is difficult to translate that word exactly , but we can use the word souvenir ,or present in English.

For example, when I go traveling somewhere , I will buy something-maybe some swees like cookies -for my co-workers, especially if I had a day off for the traveling, I will DEFINITLY buy something. Or if it was a bussness trip, I will. Needless to say, not only for co-workers, but also for family members and friends.
This is one of the using way of the word "Omiyage".

And when I am invited to somebody's house , especially when it is for dinner, I will bring something. with thanking for the invitation. This is also "Omiyage".

I don't know exactly when , but it has been for long ages , that's why "Omiyage" is culture, like a custom, could be a tradition.

This is one reason Tokyo Disney Resort have been successfull in Japan. There are so many kinds of souvenirs which let us want buy, and I can see many people have very big bags on the way to their home. I heard before the sales of merchandising in Tokyo Disney Resort is so good, compare with Disneyland Paris.

Now as I mentioned before, it is Golden week. Many people buy for "Omiyage" everywhere. Actually here the variety of Omiyage are sold. Yes many kinds! As for me , I like choosing some "Omiyage" with thinking of somebody whom I will give it. Tonight I am going to the airport, if I have a time I will take photos of souvenier shops.


Yesterday I ate very delicious Baumkuchen!!! You know, it is well known in Europe, a kind of layered cake. Here in Japan it is quite popular I think.

You may think I am always eating something sweet or delicious!! hehehe. That's right .I am a food fun! And in the office where I work, many guest come often. In Japan, we have a kind of custom that we tend to bring some souvenior or present as a Omiyage. That's why I have many chance to eat many sweets!!

The Baumkuchen I ate yesterday was moistured, had beauteiful layers, and very soft.
It is sold in Club Harie. To tell the truth, I didn't know thw name of that store, but it seems so popular in Kansai religion , because I could find many web page people who ate that Baumkuchen wrote full of praise.