Monday, May 28, 2007

Have you taste????

It is cucumber pepsi.
It is scheduled to go on sale on 12th of June in Japan.
Only limited period!!
I don't like cucumbers very much, but I want to try this!!
Has anybody tried it already?
I am not sure it is only in Japan or not....

Friday, May 25, 2007

At Tsukiji Market

As I wrote before, the Tsukiji fish market is nice place to to, we can eat fresh sish, can see gigante tunas at the auction. In some turistic guidebook published in foreign countries, it is introduced as a great tourist point. You will be surprised the characteristic atomosphere there. Now everyday on average more than 500 foreigners visit this place. Before writing this post, I read some blogs written by torists from overseas. They seemed satisfied so much about thier trip ti Tsukiji. It is about there past four or five years the number of the foreigners increased drastically. It is considered that there is a kind of "Sushi Boom"in many countries.

However, in proportion to tourists increasing , the badness of a manner came to be outstanding.. For example, touching tuna to take photos by hands, and too many toursts for tracter to enter auction place.

The market is actually bussiness place, not to be set as a tourisut point. So if the bad manner wil keep outstanding, now they have started thinking to limit foreigners by making closed area.

It is so pity, I am not agree with this idea. But for some people who work there it must be very big problem. it won't be helped. So please please be good at the market. It it really nice place to see Japanese culture.

Tsukiji market official page in English

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

At the zoo

The other day I went to the Ueno Zoo (Onshi Ueno Doubutuen) which is most famous and old zoo in Japan. It opened on March 20 1882. Wow very old. It is located near Ueno station in Tokyo and convinient to go. There are many kinds of animals -more than 400kinds , one of the place that we can see a Giant panda in Japan.

Watching the animals, I could find the kind of sociality from their movement. For example, a monkey was teaseing others, a gorilla was acting like a middle age woman. (Look the photo!)It is healing power for my mental stress. So nice.

As for the Ueno zoo, I would like write one story.To be honest I was thinking for a while to do, because you may think it political topic, I am afraid that how non-Japanese people think about it. But anyway I determind to tell it finally.

In Japan at summer time the students take the class about war and peace. Because the world war Ⅱfinished on August 15 1945 after twice of the atomic bombing .Then one story was used for the classes often. When I was a child, I listened the story, the book was still published, so far more than 2million copies have sold. This is nonfiction story.

"the poor elephants"
The aerial attacks to Tokyo was getting worse, the goverment decided to kill fierce animals to avoid them runnning from the zoo, and acting violently in the city. Lions and bears were killed. The three elephants nemed "John" ,"Tonky"and" Wanly" had left.
The people who worked at the zoo gave them feed with poison to kill then, they threw up soon. Then they used injections to kill them, their skin was too thick. Finally they decided not to give them feed to make them strving. The three elephants were trying to perform in a desperate attempt to get their feed. At last they died one after another.

Just writing this story makes me cry, this story is true, and many kinds of animals except lions bears and elephants were died mostly for the luck of the feed when the war had ended. There is the memorila place in Ueno zoo, and still now they take place memorial service for the animals.

Sometimes I take it for granted that I can live a life peacefully. But I have to remember just 60years ago the people's living was completly different, I am lucky to be born such a peace situation. I felt like this at the zoo.