Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Tsukiji fish market

Saturday morning very early,most poeple is sleeping. But here in Tsukij is busy and lively with smell of fish. Thanks for the instruction of junior of the popular sushi restaurant, I could know the finest shop in the market, some history and some tips.

After 2hours study tour of Tsukiji, we arrived the popular sushi restaurant called "Daiwazushi" which is one of my friend's reccomendation, there at least you have to wait 30minute to get your seats. Look at these pictures of Sushi.

ummm Yummy. I am happy and I think lucky , born in a country that has Sushi culture.


ZJ said...

Hello Kazumi.
The pictures of sushi are so mouth-watering. I am to Japan soon and will have the chance to experience Japanese culture. While I was surfing the internet for places to stay, I came across Tsukiji fish market. It was one of the must-see places in that part of Tokyo, and I am going to see it for myself in two weeks.

Itziar said...

Umm... I havent taste sushi in all my life, but i am thinking to do that after seeing the pics.

kazumi said...

Hi,thank you for your comment. I saw many tourist in Tsukiji.
Hope you have a great time here with nice food. If you need any information, just send me a mail. I might help you:)

I think now there are many Japanese restaurant all over ther world. If you tried, let me know how you feel it!

Aime Lykins said...

That sushi tasted amazing! Although the line was long to get in, it was worth it once we got inside. The sushi was so fresh!

ZJ said...

Guess what? I just booked a room at Asakusa Ryokan Toukaisou which is conveniently located near Senso-ji temple and Tsukiji market. I'm going to email you and maybe, if you like and you have free time, we can meet up? I am so looking forward to my trip to Japan!

kazumi said...

> aime
I am happy that you like that sushi! And you enjoyed Tamagoyaki with soysauce.

I think you had a good choice. Asakusa is close to center of Tokyo, You can go everywhere so easily.