Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Oscars !!!

Recently, we have had almost only bad news on TV, for example the news about economic and politic so on. Maybe just same as in many countries.

Like that time, having a great news about own culture is marvelous. Well, it might be already well known news with much surprise, which two Japanese works got Oscars at Academy award in Kodak Theater, California U.S.A. At the moment this is the biggest and happiest news in Japan.

One movie is "おくりびとOkuribito (Departure)" that is winner of the Oscar “Best Foreign Language Film"

Últimamente hemos tenido casi solo malas noticias en la tele, como por ejemplo problemas de economía o política. A lo mejor es igual en otros países.
En este caso creo que sería maravilloso tener una noticia muy buena.

A ver, ya ha de conocer por los Oscars las obras japonesas que se mostraron en el teatro Kodak en California, EEUU. Ahora, esta historia es más grande y más feliz.

Una película que se llama "おくりびとOkuribito (Departure)" ganó como mejor película extranjera.Aunque todavía no la he visto y por eso no puedo decir nada, una amiga mía tiene muchas ganas de verla así que pronto iré al cine.Tal vez pueda escribir algo después de que la vea.

Pienso que hay varios aspectos de la cultura japonesa, pero solamente alguna parte es muy conocida en extranjero.


Well, I haven't watched yet actually ,so that I can't say it is blah blah. But should be good=) one of my foreign friend wants to see that movie, but she can't understand Japanese, but as I checked one theater is showing it with English subtitles. So I am going to there with her in a few days. Maybe I can write my impression later.

I think Japanese culture has many aspects, but is known only some part in overseas. To be honest, for me , as a Japanese, I don't know some part. Especially about “die ” and “funeral.” Maybe I am little bit young to speak those things; I still haven’t experienced so much those, only a few times. The movie is based the job for sending the dead. I think the way of thinking toward “die” depends on the culture, religion. I am not sure one way of ours are accepted or no, but after they got Oscar , is thought more easy.
Anyway I am looking forward to seeing it soon.

The movie is due to be released in 36 countries, and now they have been gotten many offers from many other countries.


A ver,aunque todavía no la he visto y por eso no puedo decir nada, una amiga mía tiene muchas ganas de verla así que pronto iré al cine. Tal vez pueda escribir algo después de que la vea.

Pienso que hay varios aspectos de la cultura japonesa, pero solamente alguna parte es muy conocida en extranjero.Honestamente yo tampoco sé sobre varios de estos aspectos aun siendo japonesa. Especialmente acerca de la “muerte” y de ”un funeral”. He tenido pocas experiencias.

La base de la historia es un trabajo que se relaciona con los muertos.Creo que la forma de pensar de cada individuo depende de su cultura o religión. No estoy segura si nuestra manera de pensar es aceptada o no, pero después de conseguir un Oscar, será más fácil. Entonces espero verla muy pronto.

Esta película se estrenará en 36 países y ahora los directores reciben muchos ofrecimientos en otros países.

Another movie is “つみきのいえ Tsumiki No Ie (LA MAISON EN PETITS CUBES)” of the “Best Short Film (Animated)”. Japanese animation is already popular worldwide because of Osamu Tezuka and Hayao Miyazaki. I know many people are studying Japanese for those works.

The website of the Academy says “In a world gradually flooding with water, an old man adapts to changing circumstances and looks back on his life.” If I have a chance I wanna see it , too.
Otra película, llamada " つみきのいえTsumiki No Ie(LA MAISON EN PETITS CUBES )", es ganadora del mejor corto de animación. La animación japonesa ya es popular en todo el mundo, gracias a Osamu Tezuka y Hayao Miyazaki. Sé que muchas personas están estudiando japonés para entender los dibujos animados.

En la página web de la Academy dice: "Mientras el mundo va progresivamente inundándose de agua, un viejo hombre se adapta a las circunstancias cambiantes y mira atrás hacia su vida." Si tengo una oportunidad, me gustaría verlo también.
Apart from these two Japanese movies, as I am studying Spanish, I was very happy the Oscar for Penelope Cruz, too. Although I like her more in Spanish.

Aparte de estas dos películas japonesas, como estoy estudiando español, también me sentí muy feliz por el Oscar que ganó Penélope Cruz, aunque me gusta más ella en español.


newd acid said...

good for your country-a first time winning an oscar?

Walter said...

Congratulations, Kazumi-san, for winning 2 Academy Awards.
Ofcourse , the Academy Awards is an all American filmfestival, but still you have every right to be proud.

Japan has always made world class movies ( need I even mention Akiro Kurosawa ? ) but most productions are just not even distributed here. At the international festival of Cannes Japan has already won several times ( KAgemusha Kurosawa ; Narayama Bushiko - Imamura )

and recently in 2007 Naomi Kawase won the Grand Prix with Mogari no Mori and there are more.
When it comes to Anime , Japan is in a class of its own. Nothing that came or is coming out of America or Europe even comes close.
Don't take my word for it ;) Check out the reviews of renowned film critic Roger Ebert at

Sure, Miyazaki-sama and Studio Ghibli have put the standard very high. Still I have seen others that give me hope that they're no longer alone.
Look at these fine examples "Sword of the stranger" , "The girl who leapt through time" , "Yobi The Five Tailed Fox" ( from Korea ( see at
I am sure that you will be pleasantly surprised

Walter said...

I've watched つみきのいえ "La Maison en petits cubes" today, Kazumi-san, and it's brilliant.
I really like the way the main character goes through his past by visiting... あのう.. have you seen the movie yourself already?
I won't comment it in detail if you haven't.
I really like it. Thanks for mentioning it.

Kazumi said...

I have not seen it, unfortunately , but if you want you can write to me .