Friday, December 05, 2008

高尾山 ( Mt.Takao / Monte Takao )

Last Sunday I climbed up Mt.Takao, Recently it's so popular.From the center of Tokyo, it took just about 60 minutes.
I don't have so much time today, I just show some photos.


El domingo pasado subí al Monte Takao. Ultimamente está muy poplar. Desde el centro de Tokio se tarda solo más o menos 60 minutos.
No tengo mucho tiempo hoy , por eso solo subo las fotos de allí.

mountain trail

Leaves change the color to red.

Mt.Fuji from top of Mt. Takao. So beautiful , isn't it?

Soba noodle is very famous there. I ate this on the top.

The 599 meter mark on the top

official web site of Mt.Takao in English


MILLUS said...

The moutain is very beautiful.
I like the photos and its very interesting.


Walter said...

すてき !
The view of Fuji-san is so beautiful!
Mmm.. Mountain noodles. I'd climb 599 meters high for a bowl of those ;)

Wait, does that sign say 599.03 meters ?!
Ok, I'll climb those 3 centimeters too.
Thanks for the beautiful pictures, Kazumi.
Your picture of Fuji-san is actually much better than the one on the Takao site ,hehe.

zara's mama said...

Your shots are beautiful.
I was there in Takaosan in March and Fujiyama was no where to be seen.

The shot you taken of Fujiyama is really nice.

Dave said...


I went to Takaosan today, but I forgot to take my camera. Very sad!

Would it be okay to use your image of Fujisan in my blog? I would provide a link to your webpage.