Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Myth of Tomorrow

There was an artist whose name was "Taro Okamoto (岡本太郎・おかもとたろう)". I don't know how much he is well known in other countries. But in Japan he is one of famous artists. Above all “Tower of the sun” that was the symbol of Expo 70 of Osaka is very famous. Not only his works , but also his unique character was loved by Japanese people. He was sayiong so often "Art is Explosion." Although he already died in 1996.

The other day I went to Shibuya that is one big city in Tokyo, I was so surprised, because one of his works was on the wall of Shibuya station. I didn't know about it, but I recognized at once it is his work, because his works are so characteristic.

After I got home, I checked about it. According to the internet, the picture was originally painted for the one Mexican hotel owner, but after that his business went bad, so that it was missing until found in Mexico City in 2003. After then it has been repaired by one project group, after all 18th of November 2008 it is put on view eternally at Shibuya station. Because Shibuya is close to Aoyama area where Taro spent at elementary school time.

This is very big(height: 5meters length: 30meters), so I couldn’t take a nice photo. But it is really powerful with a lot of colors , named “ashita no shinwa(明日の神話)” means “The Myth of Tomorrow”. It is worth to watch.

Official web page of "Ashita no shinwa " rebirth project in Japanese

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